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ISBN: 978-1848452284
Series: Pushing The Limits
Publisher: Mira Ink, Harlequin Uk Ltd
Pages/File Size: 352pages/1439KB
Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

BLURB from Netgalley
Beth’s the bad girl that no-one wanted, not even parents.
Ryan’s the high school hero that everyone wants a piece of – even if no-one knows the real him.
Their paths should never have crossed – now they’re each other’s only life line.

If anyone knew the truth about Beth Risk’s mum they’d send her mother to jail. So seventeen year old Beth protects her mum at all costs. Until the day she can’t. Suddenly sent to live with her uncle in a small town Beth’s now stuck with an aunt who doesn’t want her, and at a school that doesn’t get her. At all. Except for the one guy who shouldn’t go anywhere near a girl like Beth. . . .

Ryan Stone is gorgeous, a popular jock and the town golden boy—with secrets he can’t tell anyone. Even his friends. As Ryan and Beth dare to let each other in, they’re treading on dangerous ground – and the consequences could change their worlds forever.

I was lucky enough to be allowed access to download this one from Netgalley.
there are more than one style of cover for this book so my comments below are on the one pictured above, which though I like all the available covers the one pictured is my favourite.
I love the cover especially after reading the book, it makes the cover even more relevant. The cover features a scene from the book, where Ryan and Beth finally kiss in the pouring rain. I loved that scene in the book. Again there's a quote from another Author about the book, which sure it's great but why not put it on the back cover, though I will admit that the quote doesn't interfere with the book cover flow. I do like how the title is sort of down the side of the book cover and vertical rather than horizontal and in the larger font. Then the authors name is horizontal across the bottom of the book.
So this book deals with characters we first met in Pushing The Limits. The main character that this story is centred on is Beth, we also see some of Noah, Isaiah and a peek of Echo. We do meet quite a few new characters too, Ryan, the head jock and one of the "terrible trio" as I'll nickname them! Chris, also part of the terrible trio who goes out with Lacy. The final guy in the "terrible trio" is Logan. I'm nicknaming the three guys the "terrible trio" as they are on the whole great guys, who love nothing more than to dare each other to do outrageous things.
The story begins with Chris, Logan and Ryan's current dare which is to see who can get the most telephone numbers from random girls they pick out from the crowd! This is how Ryan first meets Beth. He tries his best to get her number and basically she tells him in no uncertain terms to clear off (or more colourful words to that effect!)
There are three main sections of the plot of the story, one concentrates on Ryan trying to complete the dare as he doesn't like to lose, he is used to being a winner.  another is Beth's life including her relationship with her mum and the abuse she undergoes at the hands of Trent her mum's latest boyfriend. The final main thread of the plot is Beth and Isaiah's relationship, Beth see's them as best friends no matter what happens in her life, whereas Isaiah is, as we know from Pushing The Limits really genuinely deeply loves Beth and is scared to tell her as he thinks he may scare her aware.
What starts out as a dare between the guys, quickly turns into more, something that ends up much deeper, though ever more complicated and at times confusing for both parties involved.
I really love how Katie McGarry write, her descriptions are so good, her characters are so fantastically believable. The book and plot flows so well and makes the book such an easy read that you seriously don't want to put down. You really do once again become attached to the characters, you follow and really feel like you are experiencing their emotions along with them. I didn't want to put this book down once I began reading I readily admit to begin with I was really reluctant to read this one, seriously dragging my feet, I kept opening it and then closing it on my kindle when I thought the "old gang" of Isaiah, Noah & Echo would not be featured in it more. Then I spoke to a fellow blogger who told me she fell in love with the new characters too and that the "old gang" did appear in this book too, though only small parts.
Anyhow I "bit the bullet" and plunged in determined to give it a go and I was really pleasantly surprised and ended up falling seriously in love with this book and the characters. I had laughs, smiles, irony, feelings of a "been there been through that" feelings as well as eye brimming with tears, holding my breath and tears trickling down my face. the book takes you through a whole wide range of emotions.
So did I enjoy the book? Seriously? I didn't just enjoy it I loved it! Would I recommend this book? I'd highly recommend it, not just exclusively for the YA crowd either as I am *coughs n mumbles* much older than a teenager and loved the book. Would I read a Bk#3 in this series? Yes when can I read it please? Would I read other books by this Author? I would be highly likely to check out any books by this talented author.
Anything else to add? Yep, I just discovered that Bk#3 Crash Into You is going to be about Isaiah. I've a feeling I'm going to love this one too.

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