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ISBN: 978-1780970899
Publisher: Carlton Books
Pages: 256
Formats Available: Hardcover

With the current movement for extreme and individualistic beauty, nail art is a way to make your own personal statement as well as turn your nails into the hottest fashion accessories around. In "The Nail Art Sourcebook", you will find hundreds of ideas for designs using a full range of effects, all of which you can do yourself or take to a nail technician to execute professionally. The sourcebook opens with an introduction that covers the basic techniques and tools you'll need to re-create the designs, including how-to steps on adding adornments such as glitter, gemstones and foils as well as methods for stencilling, stamping and three-dimensional work. A nail art gallery of over 500 designs, organized thematically, follows, with themes that vary from graphic stripes, chevrons and dots to floral and nature motifs, as well as tribal patterns and animal prints. Not only is nail art a great way to enhance your look for a special occasion or make a fashion statement, it's a fulfilling way to explore your creative potential.

My daughter Rachel, was sent this book from Barry from Presents For Men to review for both Rai29BookReadNReview and her new blog PernicketyAboutNailsandBeauty and she generously allowed me to check it out too!
This Nail Art Sourcebook states that it gives "Over 500 designs for fingertip fashions" which strictly speaking it does that I suppose . . .but . . .it's not what I thought it would be.
From the description, I admit to thinking that this book would be a detailed step by step guide with illustrations. That is not the case, so I was initially disappointed. Then I started flicking through the Sourcebook, and it is a great collection of nail designs. I'd describe the book as a sourcebook of illustrations. The book supplies inspirational designs for you to attempt to re-create, ranging from fairly simplistic looking designs to the more elaborate, elegant, and intricate designs. The book is split up into sections, such as floral designs, graphis designs and jewelled designs etc etc. At the beginning of the book there's a section on the care of your nails. there's details for a conditioning manicure, as well as information of nail paints and nail art tools. In these sections there are some basic instructions for use. 
I just think it's a shame that there aren't more step by step instructional's in the book. Will the images always be "in fashion" probably not all of them, like anything in the "fashion related" industry, trends do change. Having said that there is usually always a call for a "retro" fashion so I feel the sourcebook would always be of some use to it's purchaser/reader/user. At the end of the sourcebook there is a section headed "Directory" which is split into two sections UK and US. I suppose this should make the book appeal to a wider audience by not limiting it to favour just one country. There is also a Suppliers Section, Internet Tutorials And Videos, Courses and Magazines. These end sections are all useful in there own way.
So do I like the book? Yes, as I said it's a great source of inspiration, it's just a tad frustrating to try and work out how to re-create the deigns when some simple instructions would have been so easy to add and a brilliant addition to the book. Would I recommend the book? I would recommend it for inspirational purposes for perhaps a qualified manicurist, or a very talented experienced nail art hobbyist. This book is not for complete beginners or total amateurs. Would I purchase items for Barry's site Presents For Men? Possibly as there are some great little gift idea's for Father's Days, Birthdays and of course Christmas Stocking Fillers. Would I purchase another book such as this one? Maybe I would, it is a lovely presented book, a great tool to show the nail art possibilities out there. Would I buy another one, Mmm maybe if it had different enough images to this one or had more step by step directions included within it.

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