Sunday 24 February 2013


BLURB from the Author

PORRIDGE & CUCU is the poignant tale of Yamila—from her earliest memories of Panama . One major character is her ninety-eight year old grandfather, who shares with her the ghost stories of his childhood. Other characters are her grandmother, parents, and brother.
When Yamila’s mother—a teacher—leaves to attend the University of Missouri, Yamila becomes a boarding student at St. Michael’s School for Girls. She tries to overcome a loneliness she had never experienced before.
Once her family leaves for the USA (to re-unite with her mother), she re-adjusts to a new school, new relatives, and a new life. At novel’s end, Yamila witnesses an indigenous girl’s rite of passage ceremony, and experiences one herself.
Yolanda A. Reid began writing poetry in childhood (according to her grandmother). Her young adult novel -- PORRIDGE & CUCU: MY CHILDHOOD—is about a young Latina growing up in Panama and New York. She lives and writes in the USA.

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