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ISBN: 9781481851404
Publisher: Next Door Books
Pages: 291
Formats Available: Kindle

BLURB from Goodreads:
Addison Prince has almost always gotten what she wants.
Dean Courser only wants to find his brother, but it's the one thing he’s failed at... Even with his unusual ability.

Dean and Addison share the gift of Manipulation—a brief touch that forces others to do what they wish. But when they meet and realize their connection, they find more questions than answers. Suddenly Dean is seeing shadows move on their own, and Addison is learning her father’s mysterious group may know more about her abilities than he’s ever let on. 

As Dean and Addison second-guess every decision about who they are and why they're wanted, time is running out. With shadows following their every move, they're losing hope they’ll ever get to safety—if such a thing exists.

Again I received this e-book copy of Manipulation directly from the author via YA Bound who is running this Blog Tour! I have read a couple of books by Jolene Perry before. I read Knee Deep, which I totally loved and of course more recently read Shadows BK#1 Insight and really enjoyed that so was looking forward to reading BK#2, a lot.
So I'll start with the cover, On this cover the female is Addison, and it is a good representation of her. There is also the "air of mystery" or the "air of Manipulation" represented by the smoke around her. I once again like the font and the placement of the wording. Again the only negative I have is that the series name of the "Shadows" is not featured on the cover.
Now to the book itself, I admit to being a fan of Jolene Perry, I find her writing style so easy to read and follow, her books flow so well. So in this book the couple with the extraordinary talent are Addison Prince ~ or would the surname "Princess" suit her more? She lives n the best side of town, doesn't need to worry about money. Lives with her mother and father whom she doesn't see much of, and then there's her younger sister Elly whom she would do anything for. Addison also has an Uncle who seems more "there" for her than her parents. But does her Uncle know anything about her "gift"? Elly know's about Addison's "special gift" of Manipulation, how she can touch someone and literally manipulate them into doing what she wants. In fact what little Addison knows about her gift is down to Elly and her research.
Dean ~ the nearly out of"foster care kid". Dean is the other gifted one in this book. He is fostered, he is separated from the brother he adores but doesn't really know the real reason why. He is always searching for his brother, will he ever find him and/or be allowed to have any contact with him?
They both meet at a Life skills Class they are being forced to do by a judge who found them guilty of "crimes" they committed.
It's a "classic" opposites attract, the "posh, somewhat snooty Addison" stares at the "gorgeous, lower class, bad boy" and they somehow "click". The two new friends also realise that when they work together their "gift" is stronger and even working their "gift" independently, their talents are enhanced when the other is around or they have recently been together.
So did I enjoy the book? Definitely, you can feel the tension running through the books and getting stronger and building up and up... Would I recommend this series? Yes to all paranormal lovers and those new to the genre too. This series is a great yet gentle introduction to reading paranormal.  Will I read more in the Series? Oh yes! Seeker (Bk#3) is on my wishlist now! Will I read more by Jolene Perry? Definitely, without hesitation, I really enjoy her writing style, I seem to literally fly though her books!
Also coming into this book are Landon and Micah from Insight. We learn a little more about the "Middlemen" who have secret internet to speak and message each other on and a sliver more about the "Shadows", the one that seems to be staying on Landon's boat. This book definitely makes you want to read book three and I admit I would have gone straight onto reading it if I had, had it on my kindle. At the very end of Manipulation is a little sneak peek into Book Three Seeker, and the third couple we are going to be introduced to.

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