Tuesday 12 February 2013



So the two covers above are the UK covers. I don't know what you think but I think the UK always seem to get the plainer covers? Having said that I do quite like these UK covers. I love the font of the title. I don't like the quote from Justin Cronin on the cover of Fuse. It's really one of my pet hates having peoples opinion's of your book on the front cover, sure have them but put them on the back near the blurb! I do however like the byline on the front of book two Fuse. "When you're in the world looking for only one thing, You find it or it finds you" it's quite cryptic and makes you want to learn more. I suppose the red cover, represent that things are beginning to look brighter. Not so keen on the plain black cover though maybe that is to represent the devastation? I would even suggest that maybe these covers are more "adult aimed" than the YA audience the books are for.
What do you think?

I admit to absolutely loving this cover (pictured above) of Pure. It's so poignant and yet pretty too. The butterfly which you would imagine as being a sign of hope and freedom, and the sad reality of being trapped in the dome. The butterfly could represent the people trapped in the dome.
The cover for for Fuse with the metal wing on is also beautiful, and upon reading the book it makes sense too and is quite integral in the book.

So which set of covers do I prefer? Truthfully I actually like them both, but in different ways. With the top set they are plain, to the point, and I would love to have them sat on my shelf.
With the lower set of covers they tie in much much more with the book and seriously pull you in to them. 

So to sum up I like both sets and would probably end up buying both/either set. Though which set would I be truly drawn to first on a bookstore shelf? Honestly? the second lower set!

So which set do you prefer and why? Do you think the UK sometimes seems like the "poor relation" when it come's to book covers?

And how could I resist just adding this cover that I found, I think it's the German cover for Fuse. Again along the theme of something this time a flower trapped in the dome. However the flower also represents new growth and hope...


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