Friday 8 February 2013


Secondary Characters

I’ve always loved watching the secondary characters in books and movies, and Katy, who is Dean’s close friend in Manipulation, is a girl who may one day need her own book. Here’s my favorite scene between the two of them:

I know she wants me to encourage her, but I’m not a girl. I don’t do the squeal girl thing.
“He kissed me.”
“So, what you’re saying is that you owe me for forcing you to go out.” I fold my arms.
“Nice try, Dean.” Her eyes narrow.
“So, now what?”
“Now I’m freaking out.” She grabs the sides of her head with her hands.
“And why is that?” I’m glad Katy and I are friends, because it gives me some insight into girls, but not glad, because I really should have learned more from her by now.
“Because I’ve never…you know…and he obviously has, and now it’s like this thing that’s going to be hanging out there.” She gestures randomly in front of her.
I hold my hands up between us. “I love you, Katy. But talking about your virginity is where I draw the line. And it’s only hanging out there.” I repeat her gestures. “If you’re thinking about it and want it to be.”
“Oh, come on.” She scoots herself out to the edge of my bed. “I need help here, pointers or something.”
“One.” I hold my finger up between us. “You’ve had coffee and one kiss.” I cross my legs and lean forward. “Two. Just tell the guy. Really, we don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Mostly it’s just overwhelming because we know when we screw things up, the girl will always remember we screwed up because we’re her first.”
“But what if me being, you know, all inexperienced freaks him out?” She is seriously worried about this.
“Then you need to find someone who’s not an asshole.” I laugh and lean back again.
“But what if I like him, even though he’s an asshole?” Her voice is filled with pleading.
“Then rent some porn and take notes. I don’t know, but leave me out of it.”
Katy may be older than me, but only by a month and since she’s so much shorter, it feels like she’s my little sister.
“Well, I think I’ve inflicted enough emotional damage on you today. Wanna grab a coffee and join the throngs at Starbucks?” She stands up as tall as she can and stops next to my door.
“Yeah. I ate cereal for dinner.” I crawl up from my spot on the floor.
“Again?” She grabs my doorknob.
“It’s what’s easy, and we both know what the food’s like here.” I shrug. “I need a CD while we’re out. Maybe we should stop and talk with Jesse. I could do some research for you. Find out where he stands on the whole virginity issue.” I hold in a smile.
She whirls around and puts her finger to my chest. “Don’t. You. Dare.”
“Wow. Vicious.” I hold up my hands. “Won’t say a word, promise. In fact, if it makes you feel better, I’ll tell him we slept together.”
“That’s a great idea!” Her whole face brightens. “Then I could avoid the conversation altogether, and if I do something embarrassing I could just blame it on you!”
“I was kidding. Go.” I gesture with both hands to get her out of my room. Are all girls this neurotic? And if so, how do they hide it so well?

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