Wednesday 6 February 2013


ISBN: 9781619374324
Publisher: Calliope - Musa Publishing
Pages/File Size: 238kb
Formats Available: Kindle 

BLURB from Goodreads
Within minutes of arriving in her hometown after an eight year absence, Julianna Markum runs into Pace Carter, the last person she expected to see. Pace was her best friend during high school, but she left town without telling him, knowingly breaking his heart. Now that she’s back to help care for her ailing aunt, Julianna wants to make things right with Pace. If she could only find the words to explain why she left and why she didn’t tell him goodbye.

I was sent this book directly from the author in exchange for my honest opinion and review.
At first glance the cover is fairly plain and not greatly attractive. However when you read the book, the relevance of the cover becomes more apparent. the cover shows a once beautiful Victorian style house, surrounded by other style houses such as ranch style too. The once beautiful house belongs to Helen, the elderly aunt and former guardian of Julianna Markum. Julianna's parents died in an accident when she was still very young, so she lived with her Aunt Helen and her cousin Stacey. Obviously living under the same roof Stacey and Julianna grow up closer and more like sisters. Julianna has returned to her hometown as Aunt Helen is seriously ill. After leaving town years ago Julianna never returned so she has to face some animosity at first when she returns. Pace is unsure whether to be happy or angry to see her. You see the night she left Pace told Julianna something very important, so important it seriously hurt him when Julianna left telling no one why or where she was going.
Will they speak to each other, and sort out their past differences? Will Pace forgive Julianna for leaving? In fact will/can Stacey forgive Julianna for leaving? What will Aunt Helen say? Aunt Helen is so ill, will  Julianna have the chance to explain everything and maybe even make amends?
This book, or rather short tale really, is so well written it flows and pulls you gently along with the story. Drawing you further and further into the characters lives and emotions until you couldn't put it down if you wanted to.
So did I enjoy this book? Yes I truly did. Would I recommend this book? Definitely, I already have to my mum, I just know she will love the story, the characters and the emotions. Would I read more by L.S. Murphy? I definitely intend too!

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