Sunday 17 February 2013


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Disillusioned with the seedy family business, Jesse Nickols turns in a new direction with an unknown destination. When fate brings Jesse to the beauty of British Columbia, a region of free spirits and local jealousy. He joins two hang gliders whose only existence is time in the harness and conquering the mountain. But when a local logger confronts Jesse, there can be but one alpha male over the herd. Forced to run, they find adventure and a place to hide in the biggest rain forest on the planet.
At the same time, Piper Brown decides that another tedious trip with her mother to Rodeo Drive just might kill her. She disappears to the Amazon, or her version of it, the million-person city of Manaus. While enjoying the privileges of affluence, she finds a child tied to a post with a bloody rope. Only one rationale consumes her; to find this child’s home, and return her there. However, she discovers the child’s jungle home is embroiled in a war of genocide, where things she never dreamed of, thrust Piper into action.
Piper realizes if anyone is to survive, she needs an assassin. Jesse could be her accomplice, and end the revenge killings by leaving her and the jungle behind. There’s just one problem, she’s madly in love with him. 

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