Friday, 21 November 2014


If you like Net Galley then you are going to LOVE IndieARCs!

IndieARCs is FREE for bloggers and readers/reviewers!

What is IndieArcs?

IndieARCs central location for indie books. 
Readers can request indie books to review from a variety of indie authors.

Here is a basic help video that gives an overview about IndieArcs

IndieARCS has three words to describe its services. Read. Review. Share.
It’s that simple.

Join author’s review clubs and receive free ebooks in exchange for reviews/feedback.
Participate in the IndieARCs Book Club.
Create your own book clubs, forums and blogs under your profile and invite others to join you on your latest literary adventures!

Provide feedback to authors directly through review clubs, street teams, forums, etc.
Post reviews, feedback and become part of the IndieARCs Book Club
Coordinate blog and review tours

Send out email updates via the newsletter function
Manage and share files for blog tours
Join in discussions on forums and blogs, either as a moderator or a member

Ready to try IndieARCs? Register for IndieArcs now for free!

For more information about what exactly IndieArcs is all about click here

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