Thursday, 20 November 2014


Title: Anonymous
Author: Christine Benedict
Publisher: Blossom Publishing

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Debra Hamilton’s husband moves her into a hundred-year-old farmhouse on fifty-three acres surrounded by farmland. Floorboards creak when she’s all alone - her husband says it’s the wind outside. Objects appear and disappear - her husband says it’s her forgetfulness. Having to live here she is daunted by her genetic link to mental illness.
“In the thicket as tall as her, she heard something, someone, rustling and crackling the dead underbrush. Clutching the rifle, the wooden stock against her cheek, she took her rightful place as her mother’s daughter, shaking quaking inside, not because she was so scared – but because it felt so right.”
Julie, a neighbor who befriends her, realizes she has a stalker when perverted anonymous letters arrive in the mail that cause a rift in Julie’s unstable marriage. Their plots merge as their friendship grows and their fears escalate.


My name is Christine Benedict. I was born in Cleveland Ohio but lived most of my life in Columbia Station, a farming community, just south of Cleveland. The 100-year-old farmhouse where I raised my children was the inspiration for my mystery thriller  Anonymous. The people around here say it’s haunted. My kids will agree. I used to think so, too, but not anymore. Or maybe I just came to terms with strange happenings in the house.
 My love of writing  has been a ten-year leaning experience. I studied creative writing at Baldwin Wallace University and Cleveland State University. My short stories have been finalists for Perigee Publication for the Arts and The Fish Short Story Prize. I work full time as well as writing, working on a story whenever I can.
The publisher is Blossom Publishing, a start up company in Medina Ohio.

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