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This is a companion novel to Ill-fated

Book Blurb supplied by Evelyn Ink
Deep in the tunnels and passages of the Grendel mines there is a mystery waiting to be uncovered – a secret weapon left behind and forgotten to all, but a few. As the alliances of a once stable country shift and rumors of civil war take rise, another mystery surfaces: children are disappearing. All over Shalendorf in every city and every province – young men and women are simply … vanishing. When the parlormaid from the Manse at Ivorydeep disappears along with two children from Catchfrost, Belin Vaulatrix is forced to take notice. For even far from Casterwick and the turmoil of the ruling families, Belin is having some drama of her own. A single letter sealed with the crest of the royal family has brought her world crashing down. It is a request she cannot refuse and as the rumors, mystery, and tensions build, Belin plans a disappearance of her own…

BLURB from Goodreads
Leila Edgewick stands on the brink of disaster; balancing the fate of Bainland and her father’s legacy against a vague, ill-fated prophecy. A meaningless number, a luckless red moon, and worst of all– a star that falls south– send Leila on a quest she does not expect to survive. 
Simultaneously, an unknown boy wakes up in the sunken hull of a decrepit cargo ship. Captured and mind-locked, the boy– dubbed “Sam” by the ship’s crew– must escape the infamous Bonesplitter and the dark schemes of one Captain Erastacus Oren. When Leila and Sam's paths cross, fate ties them together, sending them deep into the Ramble in search of the Wasteland Witches. Plagued by Sam's erratic memory and Leila's dubious rationale, they must outwit the Southland drudge hunters and take on the dangers of the Ramble. 
Their friendship develops quickly, but as Leila’s quest unravels, Sam’s past is pieced together– and when his identity is finally revealed, Leila must face up to a bloody family history that could rip their friendship apart..


 Dear Readers,

Dark forces are at work in the seemingly peaceful country of Shalendorf and for those of you familiar with Ill-fated, this book will take you back to that same world. To the homeland of Leila’s mother to be specific – but this is not the sequel you have been waiting for, and the only character you might recall having previously met, will be the dastardly villain Captain Erastacus Oren. For in this book Belin, Leila’s cousin no less, is on an adventure all her own!
            Belin Vaulatrix is from the smallest of Shalendorf’s provinces, tucked high up in the icy Trollboar Mountains. It is spring and as the first frost blossom pushes up through the snow, Belin begins to discover her world is not so stable as she once believed, worse than the rumors of civil war and the mysterious disappearance of children all over Shalendorf, is a letter requesting Belin to spend the summer in the royal family’s home, not just a week or two stuck in court, but the entire summer! She is, as her mother puts it, “the only daughter of prominence who has been invited.”
            As the realization of what this means begins to sink in, Belin has no choice but to make her escape. The entire country will have to grow walls if they think she is going to marry that fat, dullard of a boy Edmond Casterwick! So what to expect? Spies, lies, and sabotage no less! A secret army, a map lost and scattered, a bad-mannered ghosthawk, a boy who looks ridiculously good in a uniform … and skyships galore!

Happy New Year and good reading to all!

Evelyn Ink

P.S. For those of you still waiting for Leila’s adventure to continue, don’t lose hope and set your sights on the summer months!


The plaque on Mrs. Ink’s lawn reads the Edgington Mansion. It was once thought to be lovely, though now rather decrepit and certainly full of secrets. She lives here with her husband. He is a philosopher, and said to be quite mad. According to Mrs. Ink their house is full of books, “Stacked, piled, and always advancing out and away from the shelves that ought to keep them in.” She paints and draws, writes and reads, and occasionally goes down into the dark, dismal, cobweb-creepy dungeon, to do laundry.

Evelyn Ink is the author of the YA fantasy novels Ill-fated, Silver Tongue, and the children’s trilogy Sticks, Stones, and Dragon Bones. She was formally trained to be a parachutist, but found it did not fit her longstanding desire to avoid heights and thus decided to study the much less vertically horrifying subject of English Literature.

If interested, you may choose to follow Mrs. Ink on her blog or check in with her on facebook. However, due to her absolute terror of electronics and a crippling phobia of the social media (technical term: Socmephobia), her blog posts tend to be infrequent and erratic. Also, due to several post exile investigations she is generally prevented from giving any specific information regarding her whereabouts...

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