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Title: Night Cruiser
            Short Stories about Creepy, Amusing or Spiritual Encounters     
            with the Shadow
Author: Veronica Dale
Publisher: Nika Press
Release Date: 12th December 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
What is “the shadow” in these stories? It’s what lurks in the dark, and it’s different for everyone.
• For Isabel, it’s the whisper from the basement that invites her to come on down.
• For second-grader Emma, it’s the tortured spirit that has haunted her family for generations.
• For Deacon William, it’s the damaged android that frightens visitors in the retreat house halls.
All ten short stories in this collection are about how the different characters deal with what they find in the dark. Two of these stories received recognition from Writer’s Digest and others won awards or were published. They ask:
• What’s inside the car that prowls a lonely street at night?
• Can Brent save himself from the deadly creature he’s sure his wife has become?
• Donald teaches a night class, but what’s behind those thick glasses he turns upon his shyest student?

Night Cruiser offers an unusual perspective. With a background in pastoral ministry, the author bases her stories on insights from psychologist Carl Jung’s concept of the Shadow, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s belief that even the worst catastrophe can be redeemed, and from the faith of the medieval woman mystic Julian of Norwich.
If you’re intrigued by the thing that takes shape at the foot of your bed at night, if you enjoy a little sly humor, if you crave tales that offer hope, and if you like stories that make you wonder, take a ride on the Night Cruiser.


As a pastoral minister who has worked with people in crisis, I'm always looking for that rare story that deals with what I see all the time: how love can somehow take root in the worst of situations, and how redemption often comes through failure.
Spiritual undercurrents run through my novels and short stories, but I also want to tell a whopping good tale! So my writings include ghosts and ancient blood-rites, struggles against huge odds, and scenes of tender love. 
I'm the author of Night Cruiser: Short Stories about Creepy, Amusing, or Spiritual Encounters with the Shadow. This collection, in both digital and print editions, includes "Dried Beans," which was originally published in the high circulation magazine St. Anthony Messenger.
I worked for a while as a librarian, where my favorite job was to review books. It never dawned on me that I'd actually write a few! After the last of our four children started school, I earned a second master's degree to become a pastoral minister on the staff of a large parish in the Detroit metro area. The children are now married and my husband Tom and I have four grandsons.

My favorite book characters seem to be divided into two groups: the logical thinkers like Sherlock Holmes, Spock, and Data and the intuitive heroes like Frodo, Dag Redwing Hickory, Ged, and Fr. Emilio Sandoz.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Sandra. You have a great blog!

  2. Thanks so much for reminding your readers about Night Cruiser. My next book, Blood Seed, is due out around the end of November. It's the first of a series that some of my beta readers have called a "Fantasy for people who don't think they like fantasy." : )