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Title: Nightwish
Series: An Echoes Of Eternity 
Author: Sydney Bristow
Release Date: 9th August 2015

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Serena Sykes just discovered that the mother, identical twin sister, and niece she never knew existed…are the last remaining witches on the planet. That is, except for Serena, who recently received her own limited, albeit wildly erratic supernatural abilities. 

But her newfound family isn’t interested in helping her master those gifts. After all, Serena’s mother has been communicating beyond the veil with the first witch in their line, a sorceress named Zephora who hopes to return to this dimension and destroy an ancient curse that would unleash paranormal creatures across the globe. 

To help guide her in this new landscape, Serena turns to her grandmother, an elderly woman suffering from dementia and the only vampire in existence, a man who has his own mysterious agenda. With less than 48 hours to prevent her family from triggering a supernatural wasteland, Serena must learn to control her abilities…if she hopes to save the world

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I’ve always wanted to write paranormal fiction, but it took me 15 years to finally doing it for one reason: I needed to be as enthusiastic about the world I’d create as my favorite TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now, I knew I’d never write anything as great as that show, but I wanted to include the depth, humor, action, suspense, witty dialogue, etc. that Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy, had added to his show.
Not only that, I had to devise a plot line that few writers are doing nowadays…something that was unique, while still seeming familiar. I’m glad (and relieved!) to say I succeeded.
So what is this mysterious plot that I consider so unique? My new novel, Nightwish, takes place in the real world. You see, many urban fantasy and paranormal authors have done a fantastic job of world building: alternate dimensions, paranormal creatures are divided into political factions in our world, etc. But of all the well-known paranormal series’ on the market, I haven’t been able to find any that began…in the real world: you know, before things started to change.
And that’s what I bring into the fold with Nightwish, the first book in my Echoes of Eternity series. The first sentence of the novel begins: “I’m going to savor each moment I spend…tearing every limb from your body.” First of all, yuck! But in the real world, you don’t tend to hear that every day. Unless you’re next door neighbors with a serial killer.
So when our heroine, Serena Sykes, turns around in a Chicago alley to find a man intent on killing her, she figures a friend is playing a prank on her. Only he’s not. To make matters worse, the man is determined to follow up on his threat. Did I mention he has superhuman speed and strength? So yeah, even though Serena has spent over 15 years training in martial arts, she’s unprepared for someone with inhuman skills.
Soon enough, upon hearing that supernatural creatures exist, she’s incredibly sarcastic because…well, wouldn’t you be if someone told you that vampires and demons existed before being told that…you just kinda happen to be a witch? Who wouldn’t have a snarkathon with that one?

Thus begins the first of a projected 5-book series…with the likelihood of a prequel trilogy focusing on all the backstory details (covering centuries) that I allude to in Nightwish. I’m glad I finally got the nerve to write an urban fantasy. And I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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