Thursday 10 March 2016


Title: Al & Rollu
Series: Battle For The Astral
Author: Vaidu Klis
Release Date: 25th August 2015

BLURB from Goodreads
Love, Death and the Astral – the fate of young motorcycle racer Rollu Parimyaitis is full of unpredictable and dangerous twists. Rollu is not only a hotshot on a bike – she also possesses the extraordinary ability to leave her body and travel to a parallel world, the Astral. While the city sleeps peacefully, this astral traveler flies above it and observes its residents. But the other world is full of dangers – you can encounter predatory astral dead souls there, beings that capture people’s bodies to feast on their energy. So the girl has to be very careful. 

Rollu’s life is incredibly exciting: one day she is competing in the world championship, and the next she is battling astral dead souls. But, like other girls of her age, this young beauty dreams of falling in love. However, not just any guy will do – it has to be the one, her betrothed. When she was six, her grandmother predicted that she would meet such a person. Roll is already 20, but she is still a virgin. In fact, she is so shy that she hasn’t even kissed a boy! 

When Rollu meets a charming medical student, Albert Rogov, she hopes that Albert is her betrothed. But she must make sure, because whoever she chooses will be assigned a special mission: he will have to use a magical crystal Rollu has treasured since childhood to open the portal between the Terrestrial and the Astral worlds. 

In the meantime the powerful black mage Alistair Rogand is hunting for that priceless crystal. His strong desire is to unleash a bloody war for the Astral. This cunning villain is ready to do anything to gain not just the crystal but also the beautiful Rollu’s heart. 

Soon Rollu will have to choose who she intends to spend her life with: the experienced but domineering Alistair, or the cheerful but frivolous Albert. And the fate of the whole Astral World depends on her choice.


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