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Title: Whispers, a collection of dark tales
Author: Alyssa Cooper
Release Date: 24th May 2014

BLURB supplied by the Author
"A loving mother returned from the grave. A vampire fallen prey to her own kind. A young girl who can set the night aflame. These are the whispered stories of the night's darkest creatures.

A collection of eleven short stories ranging from speculative to paranormal to horror, Whispers combines terrifying monsters with narrative introspection, digging to the roots of your darkest dreams. Told from the perspective of every variety of monster, these stories look for the humanity - or lack there of - in all our favourite creatures.

Zombies, werewolves, ghosts, and other things that never found a name; Whispers finds the creatures hiding in the dark, and drags them into the light."

Short story individual blurbs:

A Mother’s Love 

Max only came home for the funeral; she never expected to stay. But when her mother returns from the grave to find the daughters she left behind, Max has no other choice. She must keep her family safe. 

The Fever 
A newborn werewolf's first transformation can be ecstasy, or it can be agony. For this newborn, tormented by the loss of her creator while still swimming in her memory, it just might be both. 

The Motel Room 
Since his death, this ghost has been trapped in a motel room. Only when a maid enters the room, and the two lock eyes, does he begin to discover the true power behind his ghostly form. 

King of the Forest 
A little girl sleeps in the forest, growing dark fruit from her night time thoughts as the tree's roots twist deeper into her heart. Only the King of the Forest can tear the two apart. 

Fall From Glory 
An alpha predator in her own mind, this vampire stalks through her city, taking any prey she chooses. When her guard slips, caution replaced by confidence, she will find herself on the opposite end of the chase. 

The Drawer 
Lost somewhere between real life and a nightmare, a little girl grows up in an old, crumbling bedroom. Although she has always longed for silence, when she is finally left alone in the quiet house, she discovers how horrifying solitude can be. 

Tristan lives for the nightlife. When a dangerous man attempts to shatter her reverie, she's forced to teach him a lesson. Not your typical teenager, this girl will set the night on fire. 

Whispering Peak 
Martha and her brother were born in the Outlands. They have never seen the grand capital, Invictus City. But when their general is taken hostage, Martha and Asher have no choice but to make their way through the monumental steel gates that enclose the city, and bring him home. 

Night Terrors 
As a child, she dreamt of wolves. Growing into a woman, she left her wolf pack behind, forgetting the dreams that had shaped her so long. Tonight, the wolves will come to take their sister home. 

Shelley has always been little afraid of commitment; in almost a century of being a vampire, she has never longed for a companion. When she meets a young homeless boy with a sweet tooth, though, she begins to change her mind. 

The Walkers 
The walkers roam a desert of endless silver sand, under a sky that shines with the light of twin moons. When the smallest walker wanders away from her tribe and finds the first human ever seen in their desert, all of their lives will change forever.



A lifelong lover of literature, Alyssa Cooper was first published at the age of eighteen. Her passion for the written word started early, and as a child she would carry her mother's novels as part of her wardrobe. She has dedicated her life to developing her voice and pushing the limits of her craft. She is the author of three traditionally published books, and has recently made the move into independent publishing. She currently resides in Belleville, Ontario, where she lives with her typewriters and a personal library.

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