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For the second day of my Kaitlyn Davis weekend, 
I am posting an Interview that Kaitlyn Davis kindly completed for me 
and my Reviews of the "A Dance Of Dragon's" Series.

Title: The Golden Cage
Series: A Dance Of Dragons
Author: Kaitlyn Davis
Publisher: Self/Indie
Release Date: 31st March 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
In the land of Ourthuro, cruelty is a way of life. The king rules with an iron fist and no one dare defy him--no one except his daughter. Princess Leena is keeping a dangerous secret, she has fallen in love with a soldier and it would mean both of their lives if her father ever discovered their affair.

But Leena will risk it all to be with the man she loves--her heart, her life, her freedom. And when her brother's birthday celebration takes a dangerous turn, Leena is forced to make a decision that will change the fate of her nation and eventually the world.


I'm not sure on the exact order I should be reading these books in, as some prequels are best read after the first book but hey I'll read it first, I can also re-read it after book one.

I downloaded this one when it was free on Amazon UK. The cover features a female floating in water, and there is also a golden cage which is very imposing and totally relevant to the plot of the book too. Would the cover make me pick it up in a book store? Yes, definitely!
The book is set in the metallic, gleaming city of Orthuro. This dazzling city is ruled with a fierce, often cruel to those around him called King Razzaq. The novella is initially set within the Palace during a celebration of the marriage of King Razzaq's eldest daughter. Leenaka or Leena for short is the next eldest daughter so it is with mixed emotions that she attends the party. On one hand she is happy for her elder sister, but on the other she is only too well aware that as the next daughter to be matched will be her. Leenaka does not wish to be matched to some rich spoilt nobleman as she has already found love herself. Sadly a forbidden love. Leenaka has fallen for one of the palace guards. He is in fact her personal guard, Mikzahooq, Mikza for short.  Leena is floating in her "high happy love bubble" when her father brings her back down to earth with an enormous devastating thud. He has somehow found out about the illicit love meetings. To say King Razzaq is furious, enraged and his temper is like an erupting volcano is an understatement! He has Mikza thrown in the palace dungeons. Leena is confined to her room. Now Leena feels desperate and truly alone. It was only Mikza that made putting up with the prison like feel to her life, worth it and that kept her going.  Leena and Mizka had been working towards a plan of running away together. . .but everything was lost now. Leena isolates herself from everyone and spends her time in her pool far under the water. It was the only place that Leena could find any type of peace now she was separated from Mikza. Leena is so desperate to see Mikza even it is only to say goodbye, she manages to find one of the guards who is friends with him and asks him for help. Then at risk to himself also, Tam smuggles Leena down to the dungeons to sees Mikza. Leena expected Mikza to have been beaten but nothing could have prepared her for what she see's. King Razzaq has granted Mikza his life but has made him into a "nobody". Everyone in Outhuri have tattoo's, they reveal what "class" you are in. The richer the person the more intricate the tattoo's design. As a trusted member of the palace guard Mikza's arms were covered in complex, elaborate designs. . . or they were. King Razzaq  has ordered the tattoos to be removed and the only way for them to be permanently removed and for him to be changed to the lowest of the low within the class system of his peers. The apalling sight of Mikza's now heavily scarred tattooed arms literally grinds whats left of Leena's already broken heart to dust. To remove Mikza's tattoo's have been cut off his arms! We also learn that the King has made a "deal" with Mikza, not that Mikza had much of a choice. The King has granted Mikza his life if her promises to never see Leena again. Naturally he had to promise this and as a man of his world he tell Leena that there is no way they can ever be together. It is with a heavy, crushed hearts that they couple say their final goodbyes.
So did I enjoy the prequel novella? I really loved this prequel novella. Would I recommend the prequel novella? Yes, I think it could be read as I read it as a prequel or after reading the fist novel of the series. It is certainly well worth reading. Has reading the prequel novella made me want to read more of this series? Oh yes, as soon as I finished this novella, I immediately wanted to dive right into the first full novel, The Shadow Soul.  Would I be interested in reading other titles by this author? I will without a doubt be checking out other titles by this author.

Title: The Shadow Soul
Series: A Dance Of Dragons
Author: Kaitlyn Davis
Release Date: 22nd January 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
When Jinji's home is destroyed, she is left with nowhere to run and no one to run to--until she meets Rhen, a prince chasing rumors that foreign enemies have landed on his shores. Masquerading as a boy, Jinji joins Rhen with vengeance in her heart. But traveling together doesn't mean trusting one another, and both are keeping a deep secret--magic. Jinji can weave the elements to create master illusions and Rhen can pull burning flames into his flesh.

But while they struggle to hide the truth, a shadow lurks in the night. An ancient evil has reawakened, and unbeknownst to them, these two unlikely companions hold the key to its defeat. Because their meeting was not coincidence--it was fate. And their story has played out before, in a long forgotten time, an age of myth that is about to be reborn... . .


As my thoughts upon finishing "The Golden Cage" were "I need the next one now!" I guess you could say I am really looking forward to reading this novel. I would like to know more about Orthuri and it's customs, maybe I will discover some less barbaric customs in this book than were revealed in the prequel in the Kings treatment of his daughter and her personal guard.

I downloaded this novel from Amazon UK when it was free! The cover's main element is a female depicted as a dark daunting shadow figure that appears to be brandishing a dagger of some sort. So the cover seems to be promising plenty of action? Would the cover make me pick up the book from a bookstore shelf? I'd say yes, but in totally honesty I would be picking up the book on the assumption from the cover that my daughter may like the book. The cover makes me think the books may be like the Sarah J. Maas series Throne Of Glass.
This book is told from two points of view, that of Jenji, a native american, from the Arapapajo tribe and that of Whyl
This book begin's with Jinji's story, it is the day of her "joining" (what we would call wedding/marriage) to Manuik. Jinji has awoken early and gone to her secret place out in the forest to enjoy the peace and quiet before the preparations begin for the ceremony. She is still in a relaxed peaceful state when her best friend Leoa finds her. Jinji's mother has sent her to tell Jinji it is time to prepare. Leoa has brought the luxurious, white furs and skins. The two girls hear a scream and rush off to investigate. Leoa is the faster runner so ahead of Jinji. Jinji see's a dagger/spear hit her friend Leoa, and runs faster to her dear friend but is too late to save her. Jinji then see's the person who has killed her friend, it is Manuik! Manuick the very man who should be protecting her but there is something odd about his eyes. It's as if he is possessed.. . . 

The other point of view this book is told from is that of Prince Whylrhen the somewhat wayward third son of the King of Whyl. Rhen is a "spare" rather than a true "heir" to the Whyl throne. Rhen has the reputation of being a carefree, ladies man, the truth is however totally different from that. Rhen is doing what turns out to be more important than anyone could have thought it would be including himself.
We follow Rhen meeting Jinji or rather Jin as Jinji has woven the spirits she can control and changed or masked her face to look like her deceased brother Janu. Though she has woven the image of his face she cannot bear to sully his name by using it herself as a lie, so she shortens her own name and continues to be disguised as a boy named Jin throughout the majority of this book.  Jin does not trust Rhen for some time and initially hides her "spirit weaving" from Rhen, she also keeps her spirit woven mask on so Rhen thinks she is male. Having said that Rhen is highly reluctant to reveal that he is in fact a Prince. So they are both hiding things and keeping secrets from each other. Even when they become closer and Jin can she a fire element spirit weaving around Rhen as well as through travelling together, Jin keeps up the pretense of being male. Rhen does not discuss his "gift" either not trusting in it himself to speak to anyone or admit he has this affinity with fire. His "gift" ends up becoming extrmemly useful and in fact life saving at one point in the book.
They (Rhen & Jin) end up going on a ship to discover if the rumors of unknown, unmarked ships being seen at sea are true. Rhen chooses to kind of commandeer a ship. Captain Pygott, in charge of the ship allows Rhen to join the ship on it's trips as and when he wants. Rhen has used this regularly to escape his royal duties or "burdens" is perhaps more accurate as to how Rhen views the Royal part of his life. Captain Pygott has been a more "down to earth" accessible father figure to Rhen. Captain Pygott, Rhen and Jin and the rest of the crew learn the truth about the unmarked ships sailing in the seas near to Whyl. There is a fight between an unmarked ship (that turns out to be Ourthurian), it is during a fight between the two ships that Jin accidentally reveals some of the extent of the spirit weaving gift she has. The two end up trying to have a confrontation/discussion about their gifts but get side tracked by events.
I really could rattle on forever about this book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end. For example at the end of a chapter told from the point of view of  Rhen there will be a little cliff hanger or things you're just not quite told, then the point of view will switch to Jin's and some of the things that happened in Rhen's chapter may be re-told from her point of view but go on a little further in time. . . . it's really brilliantly written and reels you in making you want to read to the early hours of the morning! I loved the characters. I specifically adored Jin, her constant battles with her inner demons, and her strong cultural beliefs that she cannot and will not forget  her Arapapjo heritage and all it stands for. The relationship between Jin and Rhen begins as friends, and they then grow to confidantes and then an almost brotherly relationship. By the end of this book there are little clues and hints that point towards the possiblilty of a genuine romantic relationship between the two of them if/when Jin is revealed as a woman? . . .
So did I enjoy this book? Enjoyed? I adored the book and it's characters. You do become really attached to Jin & Rhen.  Would I recommend this book? Yes, especially to those who loved Sarah J Mass Throne Of Glass Series! Would I want to read more in this series? Want? I intend to purchase, download and read the next novella "The Silver Key" straight away!  Would I read other titles by this author? Yes once I've read all that's available in this series I'll be checking out Kaitlyn's other titles.

Title: The Silver Key
Series: A Dance Of Dragons
Author: Kaitlyn Davis
Release Date: 30th October 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
Weeks have passed since King Razzaq discovered Princess Leena’s affair and banished her lover from the kingdom. So when Mikza suddenly appears in the golden palace, chained and bound, Leena is floored. Even more mysterious is the man he travels with—a redheaded prince of Whylkin.

Unable to control her curiosity, Leena follows the strange convoy, hiding in the shadows as they meet with her father. But what she witnesses will the change the course of her life, and the world, forever.


I feel quite addicted to reading this book, Due to feeling unwell I felt I had slipped into a bit of the equivalent to writers block but for readers, "reader's block". This series has yanked me right out of that rut and right back into a reading frenzy! The only thing that made me hesitate regarding reading this novella was the fact it was re-telling part of the story within book one but from a different point of view. I also enjoyed the first novella and it's content did not prevent me from enjoying book one so I hoping this novella will create a similar experience. If anything it makes you think more deeply about the events that are told from two different character points of view.

I purchased this one, the minute I had finished the last word of book one and literally dove straight into it! The cover is similar in style to the first novella of the series "The Golden Cage". As the novella is told from Princess Leenaka's point of view. The Silver Key is in the same blue colours which is effective in drawing the eye to it, and really fitting as Princess Leenaka can wield the elemental power of water. In fact when Jin looks at her, jin can see waves of water wrapping all around her, quite similar to the way Jin see's fire and flames licking around Rhen when she looks at him.
So would the cover make me pick this one up from a book store shelf? Yes I would. To be honest I would pick up any book by Kaitlyn Davis for a closer look now!
Normally I will review what I have read before moving onto the next read, with this I didn't. Another thing I didn't do, that I normally do was take review notes. All I did with this series was write down the occasional name and/or spelling of names. This novella takes place parallel to certain parts of The Shadow Soul. This novella retells events from Princess Leenaka's point of view. It does honestly give you insight from another prospective. So this retells the facts about Rhen being held prisoner by King Rafaaq and again shows us how cruel the Ourthurian King is! We learn why Leenaka wants to help Jin & Rhen and the fact she also asks for help. Leenaka wants to know is Rhen and the kingdom of Whylkin will offer her sanctuary and a safe place to flee if she can escape her father. This novella goes into how much she misses her beloved Mikza. She finds it horrific when Prince Rhen returns to the palace with Mikza and her father simply kills him and the others with him. It really does break her heart, yet at the same time gives her the push to vow that she will escape her father. Leenaka has to choose her time of escape carefully as she will only get one chance and the only person she has any trust left in is the royal guard Tam who was friends with Mikza. Tam helps as he too misses his dear friend Mikza and can see the king is actually unwarranted in his treatment of Leenaka. I won't go into how she attempts to escape, or if she does escape you need to read this brilliant series for yourself. I will say that Leenaka hiding in plain sight as Jinji did is not an option for the Princess. Princess Leenaka cannot disguise herself as a boy as Jinji did as she has a more womanly figure. Leenaka can also not just wear different clothes, as all clothes in Ourthuri leave a persons arms bare to display their class tattoo's. Leenaka's tattoos will be a highly recognisable thing no matter where she travels. Can Leenaka somehow harness her affinity with water to aid in her escape? Can Tam be truly trusted? Would he risk his life as Mikza did for her?

So did I enjoy the novella? I really did, if this novella. I sped through it in no time.         Would I recommend the novella? Yes, even though you may read the blurb and think that the novella is "only from another point of view, it is well worth reading there are always nuances and snippets that you perhaps missed, or that make you think about something, an event or incident from a different prospective. Would I read another book/novella in this series? Yes, I am now desperate to read The Spirit Heir! I have to find out the personal  bits and pieces such as what happened to Leenaka, as well as find out what has been happening with/to Rhen & Jinji. Then there's the larger plot of the impending war, and the whole evil "shadow" that is rampaging around killing people quite simply because it can. Would I read other titles by Kaitlyn Davis? I intend to. I'd like to try her other series.

Title: The Spirit Heir
Series: A Dance Of Dragon's
Author: Kaitlyn Davis
Release Date: 30th October 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
Drenched in darkness and surrounded by the echo of screams, Jinji waits deep in the dungeons of Rayfort, haunted by the memory of the knife stabbing Rhen, plagued by a foreign voice whispering through her mind. A few floors above, Rhen rests trapped in a coma, about to wake to a changed world—a world where his best friend is a woman, his nephew is the king, and an enemy army surrounds him on all sides. 

But human wars are insignificant compared to the darkness gathering unseen. Memories of lives she never lived flash through Jinji's thoughts, hinting at a past that cannot be repeated. A mysterious phantom visits Rhen, carrying cryptic messages of the future. And somewhere out there, the shadow continues to lurk in silence. 

Startled by their altered relationship and tempted by new feelings, Rhen and Jinji must find a way to work together. The fate of humanity rests on their shoulders and the real battle has only just begun…


So I finished reading The Silver Key and am now desperate to know what will happen next to the characters of Princess Leenaka, Prince Whylrhen, and Jinji which I am quite "invested in" now.

I had discussed doing a promotional post on my blog about this brilliant book series with the author, who also generously provided me with a copy of The Shadow Soul (though this title has been on offer "Free" for a period of time too) in exchange for my honest opinion in the form of a review. Again this cover has a wispy smokey threatening figure on the cover, only this time it is set against a purple and blue background so the "shadow" appears white, I'd liken it to a white mist or fog rather than the more sinister black smoggy figure on the cover of The Shadow soul. Does the fact the mysterious figure on this cover white suggest it is a perhaps kinder, non-threatening, maybe helpful force? The smokey figure seems to be holding an hourglass in her hand which perhaps relates to the impending war that the Ourthurian King Rafaaq is planning to have with the Whylkin royalty & their people, or could it be time is running out for Jin and Rhen to find and defeat the "shadow figure"? There are a few possibilities that this object could point to. I also think upon reading The Spirit Heir that the "shadow figure" is standing in a place well described in the book. It is a scene form the book where a rather impetuous Rhen takes Jinji to view the castle and the surrounding landscape. So would this cover make me pick this book up from a book store shelf? The beautiful blue, and purple shades on the cover along with the twinkling stars would draw my eye to it. The shadow figure would certainly pique my interest upon looking more closely at the cover. So I'd have to say yes.
So this book has lots of action packed into it. It begins with poor Jinji languishing in the palace dungeon. . . listening to the pitiful cries and screams of pain from other prisoners. then she hears footsteps making their way to her cell. Jinji is then taken to a sitting room which obviously compared to the cold damp dungeon is more opulent than she has ever seen or dreamt of. It feels like she is waiting forever and begins to feel anxious though the anxiety slides away somewhat when a door opens when Rhen walks in. Prior to this Jinji didn't even know if Rhen was alive. So does Rhen accept Jinji as a female and treat her as such? Yes, Does Rhen forgive and understand why Jinji hide her true gender from him? Well he possibly understands a little and more so when he see's how his family and other roayalty treat Jinji as an irritating lower class person. Can Rhen forgive her, well time will tell I suppose. Hey, I'm not being super cryptic I'm just trying not to give out too much information or spoilers! 
There is also more about Rhen and his royal duties, as well as seeing how he is so ill at ease with his own family. It takes a lot for Rhen to recover to the tragic event where he had to use his fire elemental power in front of others as well as the physical injuries from him being stabbed. Rhen has been used to being known as the thrid "spare heir" "the womaniser" and now he has to take on a much more important and serious role. There's a lot of war tactics and discussions in this book too. The Ourthurians have a complex well thought out plan of war. they are determined to take over and be the rulers of every race and kingdom.
Then Princess Leenaka arrives and is not exactly welcomed by the people of Whykin. The Princess wishes to help to defeat her father, she knows better than anyone, how cruel and calculating he can be.
The acting Prince Regent who was also used looking forward to a life of his own as he was simply a "spare~" to the throne. After the tragedy of the death of the King and of little baby Prince Whyllean's father Tarin, it is left to the remaining brother's to protect the throne. The acting Prince regent takes the difficult decision to send Rhen away to protect the Whykin family blood line. He thinks that the Ourthuri will win the impending war. Rhen reluctantly agrees and gives in to his brothers wish/order. The Prince Regent has organised a small merchant style ship that should be able to sail away unchallenged to safety. Rhen naturally doesn't want to admit to himself that the war will be won by the Orthuri, that he has just been ordered to save himself so he finds Jin and says that it is time to go find the Shadow. It is kind of like old times like when they first met and travelled together. Another development is the voice inside Jin's head that knows all about the "Shadow that is ying to its yang, they are a pair, rather like Jinji & Janu once were. The voice in Jin's head can also "appear" as a white ethereal mist, at one point in the books Jinji call's it "pure spirit". This spirit leads Jinji & Rhen to where they can find information about the Shadow. Jinji ends up badly injured. . .and Rhen has to decide whether to follow the orders of the Prince Regent to escape at all costs and stay away from danger, and taking Jinji to get medical help. the nearest medical help is an apothecary on board of a ship ready to wage war with the approaching Ourthuri war ships. . . . .there is of course more . . . much, much more but I cannot possibly reveal everything! I feel like I could seriously talk about this book and in fact this whole series so far forever. So much happens in this book, it really is packed with action! We also learn more about the reasoning behind the series being called "A Dance Of Dragon's" too. . . . .yessss there is a dragon near the end. I had been wondering what the tone of the book was reminding me of and had come up with the Throne Of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas, but in this book the The Inheritance Cycle Series of book by Christopher Paolini. . . .my daughter has read those books and told me all about them, I have seen the 2006 dvd of Eragon starring english actor Edward Speleers. The descriptions that gave me the scenic views and imagery i my head made me think of this film quite a lot. I really loved this series. It is the first time for a long, long time that I have sat and read a whole series so far, it is not often I have the time or I allow myself the luxury to do this. That is why one of my main new years resolutions is to do this more often or at least not allow myself to be booked up too far in advance for review by date books. I want more freedom to be spontaneous in what I am choosing to read and when.
So did I enjoy this book? Wow, loved it. Would I recommend the book? Highly recommend this book and the whole series so far. There is so much potential for the whole series both the larger plot and the smaller individual characters and their more personal plots. The novella's have done their job well too, because as I was reading this novel I was wondering if there would be a novella 2.5 to tell us what has happened/been happening to Princess Leenaka whilst we were learning more about Jinji and Rhens journey. There's also potential for a 2.5 novella to be told what was happening back in Whylkin, perhaps from the point of view of the Prince Regent? This book answered a lot of questions but I ended up wanting to ask even more questions by the end of it! Would I read another novella/book in this series? Yes, please. As you will see from above I think there could/in my opinion should be another novella before the next novel. Maybe the novella could be from dual point of view of Princess Leenaka and the Prince Regent. I of course and super excited, for the next novel that is called "The Phoenix Born"  . . . I'm hoping for such a lot. More elementals, more from Rhen, Princess Leenaka, Jinji, and the Prince Regent as well as more of the Shadow and the voice in Jinji's head/white mist.  Then there should be more plot related to the series title too!!! So much to be covered, in how many books, and/or novella's?   Would I read other titles by Kaitlyn Davis? Obviously I really want to read the rest of this series, it's right up at the top of my must reads of 2015! and I would like to make time to take a look at Kaitlyn's other series titled Midnight Fire.


What is your name, where were you born and where do you live now?
Hello everyone! My name is Kaitlyn Davis and I am an author of all sorts of books—young adult paranormal romance, young adult fantasy, and I'm currently working on a new adult contemporary romance. I grew up in the suburbs of New York City, and now live in the Big Apple! My apartment is barely large enough to hold all of my books and Starbucks has become my office of choice :)

Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what did you want to be?
Writing has always been one of my dream careers! When I was younger, I also played around with singing (forcing my family to sit through many living room concerts—Celine Dion was my favorite) and marine biology (again, forcing my family to wander through every aquarium we ever happened upon). However, writing was always my number one! I used to duct tape construction paper together and write books with magic markers. Now I use a computer, but I like to think my imagination is the same!

How do you come up with the titles and cover designs for your books?
I actually design my covers myself! Photoshop has always been a mild obsession of mine, so I love being able to fuse my love of photography with my love of writing to create my own covers. I really adore the cover I recently put together for The Spirit Heir, using the blues and the background of stars, but I also have always had a sweet spot for the cover of my first book Ignite, with the fiery rose!

Titles are a different story—and are my least favorite part of the writing process! I always find it incredibly difficult to pick title names and series names, so I tend to draft up a spreadsheet with any idea that comes to mind. Then I send those ideas to my friends and family for help narrowing down the options!

Do you basic plot/plan for your book before you actually begin writing it? Or do you let the writing flow and see where it takes the story?
I like to think I do a little of both, but on a whole I am definitely a planner! I always write a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline before I begin a novel. Within the outline, I list major plot developments and character developments, trying to balance action scenes with softer emotional scenes to develop a full complete story that holds a little bit of everything.

However, as I write I like to be open to new ideas that come about as the story progresses. So usually, I update and adjust the outline as I go, making room for new ideas and tossing any ideas that don't work anymore.

What do you think makes a really good book/bestseller?
All of my favorite books tend to have two things in common—lots of surprising action paired with emotionally compelling characters. It's that feeling of not being able to go to sleep when its 4am because you absolutely must turn the page to find out what happens next—not only because of the lure of the unpredictable adventure but also because you care about what happens to the characters.

What format of book do you prefer—hard cover, paperback, or ebook?
I have a soft spot for paperbacks! I love turning the pages and holding the physical book in my hands. However, the majority of the books I buy are ebooks! My kindle has hundreds of books on it—an entire library that fits in my handbag. Seriously, the idea boggles my mind! When I travel or go to the beach or even just relax in the park, I can bring my whole library with me—and I love that.

Do you think books transfer to movies well? What is your favorite/least favorite one?
I always love books more! But I think that's just the nature of the written word—you can draw a more intense emotional connection in many ways, because you can put the reader directly in the mind of the protagonist. That being said, I always go see any movie adaptation of a book I've read because I love to see how the producer translates what I've read to the screen.

One of the best movie adaptations for me was Catching Fire! First, I think all of the Hunger Games films have been top notch, but I was especially impressed with the second movie. While reading, I was uncertain how the "clock" idea would work in a movie, but they handled the games perfectly.

One of my least favorite adaptations was Blood and Chocolate. The movie switched the entire message of the book, so while I enjoyed both, I thought the movie sort of abandoned the original source material, which frustrated me while watching for the first time.

What can we expect from you in the future?
One of my favorite things about writing is that there is always a new story to tell! My first series, Midnight Fire, is a paranormal romance. My second series, A Dance of Dragons, is an epic fantasy. I'm currently working on a contemporary romance and it's my first time writing a love story without magic and fantastical creatures. I'm loving it! And I'm also working on a series of fairy tale re~tellings, which is such an awesome way to bring my Disney obsession into my work. 

I hope to continue trying out new genres and writing new stories, because I think it pushes my creativity to the limit and I love that challenge. 



  1. Your right Sandra, these sound awesome!!! I've just realised after seeing the cover that I've actually read the prequel and loved it. I also have book 1 and 2 on my kindle so seriously must bump them up. Great reviews :)

  2. Thank you so much for putting this amazing weekend of posts together Sandra!! I'm so honored that you wanted to dedicate a whole two days to my books :) so glad you love my stories!