Sunday 29 August 2021


Shortlisted for the Irish Book Award for Popular Fiction Book of the Year USA
Inspired by true events, this is an unforgettable read about a remarkable community faced with unimaginable hardship, and the life-changing bonds formed in a distant corner of a terrible war.

Title: The Bird In The Bamboo Cage
Author: Hazel Gaynor
Publisher: Harpercollins UK, Harperfiction
Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Release Date: 2oth August 2021
BLURB from Goodreads
When war imprisons them, only kindness will free them…

China, 1941. Elspeth Kent has fled an unhappy life in England for a teaching post at a missionary school in northern China. But when Japan declares war on the Allies and occupies the school, security and home comforts are replaced by privation, uncertainty and fear.
For ten-year-old Nancy Plummer and her school friends, now separated from their parents indefinitely, Miss Kent’s new Girl Guide patrol provides a precious reminder of home in a land where they are now the enemy.

Elspeth and her fellow teachers, and Nancy and her friends, need courage, friendship and fortitude as they pray for liberation. But worse is to come. Removed from the school, they face even greater uncertainty and danger at a Japanese internment camp, where cruelty and punishment reign.

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I purchased this one as soon as it became available so it is ready to read on my kindle as soon as I get the chance!


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