Sunday 15 August 2021


This weeks Spotlight Sunday post is a Non-Fiction book
The Dressmakers Of Auschwitz
by Lucy Adlington
Title: The Dressmakers Of Auschwitz
Author: Lucy Adlington
Publisher: Harper Perennial, Harper Paperbacks
Genre: Non-Fiction, Biographies & Memoirs
Release Date: 14th September 2021

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A powerful chronicle of the women who used their sewing skills to survive the Holocaust, stitching beautiful clothes at an extraordinary fashion workshop created within one of the most notorious WWII death camps.

At the height of the Holocaust twenty-five young inmates of the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp—mainly Jewish women and girls—were selected to design, cut, and sew beautiful fashions for elite Nazi women in a dedicated salon. It was work that they hoped would spare them from the gas chambers.

This fashion workshop—called the Upper Tailoring Studio—was established by Hedwig Höss, the camp commandant’s wife, and patronized by the wives of SS guards and officers. Here, the dressmakers produced high-quality garments for SS social functions in Auschwitz, and for ladies from Nazi Berlin’s upper crust.


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My full review will be coming soon....a little nearer to this books release date.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing the book were that  

"The Dressmakers of Auschwitz was a moving  book that tells the truth of the Holocaust horrors inflicted on a group of amazing, determined to survive women."

This book is from the same author that wrote:

Title: The Red Ribbon
Author: Lucy Adligton
Publisher: Hot Key Books, Bonnier Zaffre
Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Teens & YA
Release Date: 21st September 2017

BLURB from Goodreads

Rose, Ella, Marta and Carla. In another life we might have all been friends together. But this was Birchwood.

As fourteen-year-old Ella begins her first day at work she steps into a world of silks, seams, scissors, pins, hems and trimmings. She is a dressmaker, but this is no ordinary sewing workshop. Hers are no ordinary clients. Ella has joined the seamstresses of Birkenau-Auschwitz.

Every dress she makes could be the difference between life and death. And this place is all about survival.

Ella seeks refuge from this reality, and from haunting memories, in her work and in the world of fashion and fabrics. She is faced with painful decisions about how far she is prepared to go to survive.

Is her love of clothes and creativity nothing more than collaboration wth her captors, or is it a means of staying alive?

Will she fight for herself alone, or will she trust the importance of an ever-deepening friendship with Rose?

One thing weaves through the colours of couture gowns and camp mud - a red ribbon, given to Ella as a symbol of hope.

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Link to my Review of The Red Ribbon

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