Monday 9 August 2021


I love book covers, it's the first thing you notice about a book. It's usually what catches my eye and encourages me to pick the book up from a books store shelf, or click on the book to learn more when book shopping online. I think its great that different countries have their own covers for the same books, but I'll be totally honest I don't necessarily only love the same countries versions, for example the UK covers are not always my favourite. I used to compare the different covers for a book when I reviewed it, which I do sometimes still mention but it makes for a super long review post, so I thought as I adore a good cover compare session I would start doing Cover Compare posts, I'm not sure how regularly but this is my first one! In fact The Sisters Of Reckoning is actually released in the US tomorrow the 10th August!

The book featured in this Cover Compare is
The Sisters Of Reckoning
by Charlotte Nicole Davis

First up the US cover, book releasing
10th August 2021

I’ll be totally honest the US cover isn’t my favourite as it looks more comic, graphic novel style to me but I guess its to more appeal to the teens who the book is truly aimed at rather than myself. I do however love the UK cover as I find the more realistic, looking characters much more appealing. They are the book covers that would make me pick up this book from a book store shelf to learn more! I wasn’t so keen on Tor Teen covers as they look more comic, graphic novel style to me.

 And now the UK cover, book releasing 
25th August 2021

 Which cover do you prefer?

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