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He's a redneck with a tribe to lead.
She's a wedding planner who wants her HEA.
Two souls. Lots of differences.
But they'll find a home in each other...
Title: Lion
Series: Nashville Shifters
Author: Holly Gunn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 20th May 2019

Warning: sweet, sexy, novella-length read ahead... 

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Lion, the future king of the lion prides in the U.S., only has thirty days to find his future queen and secure their fate. But Lion has his work cut out for him.

Jules has had it with shifters, and male lions in particular. She doesn’t need a man, even if he is a king, to mess up her life any more than her brother already has. Tired of being used and manipulated by others, she’s not just going to roll over and think of England.

It’s a good thing Lion’s not a slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am, Tennessee man. Our king’s about to show his queen that while life can sometimes be a bit of a roller coaster ride, the best thing you can do is lock in tight and throw your hands in the air—and live.


As I love the shifter genre as soon as I saw the title of this novella series, I knew I wanted to learn more. I had already decided to try reading the first novella when I noticed that this author states in her author information that she writes erotica, which I won't lie did put me off a little. I prefer certain things to be left to the imagination of the reader. In erotica there are sometimes explicit descriptions that go on and on and I really just don't like them, There is a way at hinting or portraying "things" have happened between characters, as a reader I don't necessarily want these spelled out in excruciating details. I will be totally honest I don’t usually read erotica but as these books are labelled paranormal romance, and I had actually began reading Lion I decided I would stick with reading it.

All the covers feature males to represent each of the individuals that are the main male shifter characters within the novellas. The genres I have seen listed for this novella series are Paranormal, and Paranormal Romance, which I totally agree with, though would add those these books are not erotica in my opinion they are steamy and have some quite explicit, descriptive language within them.

The main male, shifter character in this novella is Lion, who happens to be a Lion shifter. Though his friends sometimes shorten his name and call him Lie. In his human form Lion tends to be awkward, and quiet, not things you would think of when he is a rather large Lion shifter.

The novella begins with Lion and his friends and fellow shifters in the local bar which is called Southern Comfort. It’s whilst drinking there that the female bartender catches Lion’s attention. Lion at first dismisses his attraction to the bartender with the Rockstar look as a passing thing as surely when you meet your mate, and in his case your Queen it will be a strong, knock you to the ground feeling and he will know straight away, won’t he?
There were times when Lion was, shall we say attempting to talk or maybe chat up Jules, the bartender when I felt like I wanted to get hold of him in his human form and shake him to his senses! But his fellow shifters do help him after they have subjected him to his fair share of teasing.

There are some important changes about to happen as things within the Nashville Shifters happen in thirty-year cycles. It is the time for new Shifter Kings to take charge. The first thing those destined to be the new Kings notice are that the birthmarks they have that look like faded tattoo’s are becoming darker, signifying that the time for the leadership change is coming closer. Those destined to be the new Kings have just thirty days to find their destined mate, the one who will become their Queen.

Lion and Jules (the bartender) don’t get off to the best start and certainly have more than their fair share of obstacles to their possible relationship. Jules is working off her brother, Jeffrey’s large debt, and is regularly intimidated and threatened by him. Jules only puts up with it all for the sake of their disabled mother Jeanne.

In this novella we are also introduced to the other male shifters within the group, most of whom are destined to become Kings. Their names give clues to what type of shifter they are and what their parents are with the exception of Poison’s mother who refuses to reveal what species she is. So, there are five novellas in the Shifter Kings of Nashville series and the male characters names are, Lion, Spider, Shark, Wolf and Poison. We do get a good idea who Spider’s mate will be.

You get a good introduction of how the Nashville Shifters exist, their traditions and rules within this novella too. One part Of the novella I found really interesting and somewhat different to other shifter books I have read was the whole “Queen’s Mercy” option for when a shifter has stepped seriously out of line, his or her parents can ask that the Queen pass sentence but that they can offer an alternative punishment, which has to be better than some of the punishments available.
One of the shifter traditions in this series is that the chosen King is named after some version of their own tribe’s animal. Such as in this book the chosen King is Lion and he is a Lion shifter.
A difference I spotted within this set of shifters is that they do not need to undress/redress when shifting as their clothes change with them. So not so many awkward moments when shifting!

I of course loved the character of Jules & enjoyed the geeky, somewhat clumsiness in actions and verbally from Lion, who is the largest of the shifters. Though Lion soon realises his Queen will be a leader strong enough to lead at his side. I liked all the other male shifter characters and am looking forward to all their individual novellas too. The one that has stuck in my mind is Wolf who doesn’t want to find his Queen and doesn’t want to be a King either, so I am sure his novella will be interesting!

There are also plot lines that I think will run through all the novellas such as the problem with something/someone invading and encroaching of the Sharks swimming territory. It is a serious problem as without a safe stretch of water to be able to swim in the Sharks will be unable to shift. Meaning they need to either get rid of the problem or move elsewhere. I’m hoping the different races of shifter band together and sort out the problem.

My initial thoughts upon finishing the book were that I had immediately fallen for the Nashville Shifters and though I enjoyed reading Lion & Jules story I am interested to discover the other shifters & their soon to become mates stories as well as being intrigued as to exactly what species Poison's mum is!

The writing style of the novella, made it a medium, enjoyable pace. There is of course some steamy action, but there is also what I refer to as pack politics and traditions along with some friendly camaraderie going on between the shifter males. I found the book an enjoyable read. The steamy scenes are within a good plot and this novella has left me wanting to read more of the series. I would say due to some of the explicit descriptions that this is aimed at an 18+ age group of readers.

He's a redneck with a tribe to lead.
She's a wedding planner who wants her HEA.
Two souls. Lots of differences.
But they'll find a home in each other...
Title: Spider
Series: Nashville Shifters
Author: Holly Gunn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 23rd June 2019

Warning: Short, sassy, sexy read ahead . . .  

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Spider is a family man down to his core. He’s spent his life trying to live up to the expectations of being the future king of the Arachnid tribe. Now that his tattoo’s gone dark—it’s time to find his queen. Only he’s got cousins he needs to get down from trees, long-lost relatives popping out of the woodwork, a shady construction company cheating his people of their land, and a queen who’s more designer than she is redneck.

Sugar, and spice, and everything nice …

Chantelle is a Beaumont. Through and through. Or at least that’s the image she’s taught herself to project to the world. Done with trying to be perfect, she wants a family, a home, and for her king to show her there’s more to living than working and trying to be someone she’s not. More than this, she needs to believe in herself and that she has something to offer as queen.

Chantelle and Spider might start off rocky but they both know that the steady in life doesn’t come easy. Steady comes when two people are together and showing each other that home isn’t a place, work isn’t your life, and what they offer each other goes deeper than material things. The real steady, as both Spider and Chantelle have learned, is in laughter and antics and knowing to your soul that the person you’re with is your home.

A charming nerd who’s new in town.
A surfer dude king looking for his queen.
Magic is about to happen.
Title: Shark
Series: Nashville Shifters
Author: Holly Gunn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 22nd July 2019

Warning: Nerdy, sassy, sexy novella-length read ahead... 

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Shark Irons has a problem. He’s supposed to be finding his queen. He’s supposed to be sliding into his role as king. What he is doing is dealing with a rash of shark attacks taking place in the Cumberland River. Humans are in danger. His shark shifters’ swimming holes are being closed down. And Shark’s worried he’s already failing as king.

Lexie Leland is a nerd. In fact, she’s in Nashville for a Comic-Con when she finds herself in a bind. Who should save her but a magical being, of course? Only Lexie isn’t buying what Shark is selling.

It’s a good thing these Nashville Shifter Kings know how to convince a woman he’s in it for the long haul.

Shark’s got a lot on his plate, but he’s about to find that Lexie is his complement in all things. He asked for a queen, and he’s getting one with fire, with sass, and with more power than he ever thought possible.


A future king who doesn’t want to be.
A witch with a heart-breaking past.
And secrets neither can keep for long ...
Title: Wolf
Series: Nashville Shifters
Author: Holly Gunn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 20th August 2019

Warning: Sassy, sweet, angsty, SEXY shifter novella-length read ahead... 

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Seraphina Raynes has had a lifetime of avoidance. At every turn, she’s pushed herself into the next challenge and over the next hurdle. And she always but always survives. Until she finds herself climbing a mountain she doesn’t think she can handle alone.

Wolf Yaeger has never wanted to be king. He wants a quiet life in the mountains with a human mate who will give him some pups and who likes to get her some.

The minute he claps eyes on Sera, he knows she’s the human for him. Now, he’ll stop at nothing to make her his.

There’s just one tiny something he doesn’t know yet, and it's a doozie of a revelation he might not be able to get past …


He’s a bad boy with a past he can’t shake.
She’s a good girl who’s sick of drawing the short straw.
They’re obviously a match made in shifter heaven—if only she can forgive his heartbreaker history.
Title: Poison
Series: Nashville Shifters
Author: Holly Gunn
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 23rd September 2019

Warning: Sassy, sexy, sweet, and angsty novella-length series finale! (Don't worry, L.A. is next …) 

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Two months ago, Poison Yaeger had the best night of his life—then he ran. Now, he’s set to be king of the wolves and, the once bad boy knows whom he wants as his queen … the same woman he left alone in bed two months earlier.

Callie Hartwood, better known as Doc has always done the “right” thing. Being kidnapped changes a girl, though, and she makes a promise to herself. Her vow: She's done being a good girl. She's not a dog to be praised for rolling over. She’s a puma shifter. She’s got claws. And she’s no longer afraid to use them.

She’s going to be bad.

And Poison wants to show her how. His lessons, however, aren’t just for fun. He intends to win his queen, and he wants Callie to know that he may be a bad boy, but he’s the only man for her.

A good girl + a bad boy + a psycho witch + sexy kings + sassy queens (phew!) = a Shifter Kings Nashville finale to remember!


I'm the proud momma to a golden retriever named Charlie, two tortoises named Jake and John, a frog named Toad, and a gopher snake. The latter is my girl, Holly Jr. There's also the fact that I'm a thunderstorm-loving, front porch-sitting, hot cocoa-drinking, beauty product-hoarding, self-proclaimed environmentalist who just happens to write erotic romance. Saddle up, sweetheart. I've got a slew of shifters, bad boys, dirty men, and smart, sexy babes to get you started!


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