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ISBN: 978-1491096642
Publisher: Self/Indie
Pages/File Size: 195pages/386KB
Formats Available: Paperback, E-Book

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‘It’s over’ – his words echoed around her, shattering her and breaking her in two.

Chloe’s life should have been perfect; rich parents, all star brother and gorgeous boyfriend but in the end none of it really matters. When she looked in the mirror after the life she was fighting for falls apart, Chloe was just a shadow of herself. Feeling like the last piece of her was slipping away, she decides to do the only thing she can...she grabs her camera and she runs. But running was the easy part.
Years later she still struggles to pull herself together, trying to fulfill the promises she had made to make her life her own. When she meets a guy that fits perfectly in her new life, she starts to allow herself to be happy. She finally finds herself surrounded by people that love and support her for who she really is and not who she pretends to be. But just when she lets herself breathe, her past creeps in and shatters her all over again. Drowning in guilt and loneliness, will Chloe ever truly believe that she deserves the life that she wants? Will she be able to finally find the strength that she has always needed to stand up and fight or will she let her past dictate her future?
Breathe Chloe, just one breath.



I put my head down in my hands and felt the warm tears hit my chilled palms. I didn’t even realize I was crying. It had all been too much and we deserved better than this….didn’t we?
I slowly allowed myself to fall back against the wall and slide down until my bottom was hitting the cold pavement beneath me. I let it out. The scream that I had swallowed when I heard those words tore through me now like a ravage animal. I let myself go and lose control. My shoulders began to shake and the tears flowed harder. I never thought I would become that girl, the one that let her life revolve around a guy, but I had. He was everything to me - my rock, my voice of reason and the one person who never doubted me. He was the person that wouldn’t let me push him away, wouldn’t let me settle. If I had known it would lead me to this, would I have let him be all those things? If he had known that the strength and love he showed me would result in my pain, would he have still been there? I like to think he would have. I like to think that our love for each other was stronger than this hurt but I was unsure. I felt unsure of everything that just moments ago I knew to be true.
I sat allowing the cool pavement to numb me. That was all I wanted now, to be numb. I tried to take a breath but my chest was so tight. My heart was shattered and the pieces were refusing to let the air in. I thought about the last two months and how I had struggled to gain control. I had lost him. In one sentence he was gone. He was ripped from me and what should have been. The words continued to echo in my head.
“It’s over.”
Everything around me began fading to nothing. The numbness took me; the darkness pulling me in as the sobs turned into a mild shiver down my spine. I didn’t hear the cars zipping by just a few feet away. I didn’t feel the cool spring air blow through my long brown hair and I didn’t hear the heavy footsteps of someone stepping up to my side. All I felt were the tears. All I could do was to try and breathe.

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