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That night, I dream about Mom. I’m just as old as I am now, but somehow I am holding her hand like a little kid as we walk down the street together. I feel young, small and afraid. The streets abound with people holding torches, trying to scare away the darkness. It is a pitch-black night and there is no moon, and yet I can see my mother’s face very clearly in the dream.
“What’s going on?” I ask anxiously. “Where are all those people going?”
My mother smiles. “To the ship of gold, Walt. We sail tonight. We’re leaving.”
“Going where?” I don’t like the look in her eyes – she’s glancing past me to a place I can’t reach.
“Away from here. To Annabelle.”
Suddenly, my father is standing in front of us with tears in his eyes. “Please, stay with us,” he begs, grabbing my mother’s shoulders.
She is still smiling. Her eyes are full of emptiness. “I have to go.”
“Mom!” I scream when she pulls herself from his grasp and breaks into a run down the street, toward the harbor. I see a sea of people bleeding into the deep.
When I wake up, I no longer remember what her face looked like.


Can you provide us with a short history/bio of each of the main characters?

Walt: lives in Hope Harbor, the town that awaits salvation from across the sea. He has never been away from the island of Tresco, and lately, he’s been wondering if his people are even supposed to leave. He feels like there should be more to life than just waiting for salvation.

Yorrick: Walt’s cousin. He’s the future Bookkeeper of the town and is a few years older than Walt. He dreams of getting off the island and sailing past the horizon to discover what’s waiting for him there.

Alisa: Yorrick’s girlfriend and Walt’s best friend. She may seem superficial at first glance, but deep down she is very passionate about the people she loves and she can’t stand injustice.

Leia: the girl who lives on the other side of the Wall dividing the island in two. She meets Walt and teams up with him to start a revolution and bring their two peoples together.


Can you share the playlist you listened to while writing ‘The Waves’ with us?

This may sound like a cop-out, but I actually listened to just one album, which was ‘The Soul Cages’ by Sting. It put me in the exact right mood to write The Waves, so I can recommend listening to it while reading the book. Patrick Wolf’s ‘Wind in the Wires’ was my soundtrack for writing The Island (the first part in the series).


If ‘The Waves’ was made into a movie and you could cast anyone you wanted, who would you pick?

Ooh! I would cast Alex Pettyfer as Walt (but he’d have to be a bit younger, like around the time he played Alex Rider). I already cast Alice Englert as Leia in one of my previous Dream Cast line-ups, so I’m gonna stick with her for this ‘movie’, too. Bernard Hill (who played King Theoden in LOTR) would be a good Grandpa Thomas, Yorrick should be played by Dave Franco, and Alisa should be played by a young Britt Robertson (who played Cassie in The Secret CIrcle).
Now all I need to do is sell the rights, haha ;)

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