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ISBN:  978-1937744472
ASIN:  B00ES1C262
Series: The Revolution 
Publisher: Self/Indie
Pages/File Size: 227pages/767KB
Format Size: Paperback, E-Book

BLURB from Goodreads
In 2132, “We the people …” means nothing, and it hasn’t for a hundred years.

Like all the citizens of the American Union, eighteen-year-old Erianna Keating is not to ask questions. She is not to believe anything except what the A.U. tells her. More importantly, she’s not supposed to know what she doesn’t know, nor that she’s a pawn.

Like everyone else, though, she is, and like everyone else, she is a hundred percent oblivious to what’s going on.

Or is she? Are they?

Erianna thinks going to Perry Road and joining the national registration program is her next step toward adulthood; the 2132 candidates for adult-classification, though, are in for a big surprise. Especially Erianna.

Thanks to Zane Warren, an awkward but hot guy who won’t shut up about a history that doesn’t—or shouldn’t—matter anymore, Erianna will know. Will learn. That includes finding out what actually happens after registration and doing something, anything, about it.

Fixing what went wrong, what caused the U.S.A. to split into two countries, though, is not on Erianna’s bucket list, but as she faces her future, she must decide whether to fall in line with the American Union’s plan for her, or to consider that Zane might not be wrong, and the time for revolution begins now.

Such an emotional and deeply involved plot that keeps you interested the whole way through. Totally loved it and desperate to read BK#2

I received an e-arc of Perry Road direct from the Author Emi Gayle in exchange for my honest review. I was also kindly asked by Emi to be part of her blog tour, to which I obviously replied "Yes please!"
The cover represents the book well, as the main character Erianna is facing the wall along the Road to Perry Road. So Would I pick this book up from a book store shelf to look at? Definitely, the colours suggest a dystopian-esque feel to me and truthfully I have read Emi Gayles writing and loved it previously so I would be looking closely at this one in a book store.
So the year is 2132 and Perry Road is where the "houses" are that you go to to be assessed and given the job you will work at for the rest of your life. If you don't get an invitation you are a nobody or known as a "fluke" and have to lead a bottom of the rung existence and do menial tasks and take jobs no one else wishes to do just to survive. So can you appeal if you don't get an "invitation"? yes you can appeal to be put in the "lottery" for a second chance at an invitation, or someone can help and petition on your behalf for you to receive an invitation.
Erianna's mum is a "fluke" so they have a lowly existence, her father isn't around anymore and isn't mentioned. Mia is Erianna's older sister, she didn't get an invitation, but appealed and petitioned until she got one and then has never visited Erianna or their mother again.
So will Erianna receive an invitation? Her more upper-class friends have all received theirs, they even know which "house" they will be sorted and assessed in. 
Due to an incident around Erianna's birthday, she realises that her "friends" are not the friends they at first glace seem to be. In fact at the first hint of trouble or controversy they abandon Erianna to face the trouble alone.
When Erianna receives her invitation she can't bring herself to tell her mum the news, after the trauma Mia leaving caused. But of course as the date for Erianna to report to her "house" the "red house" in her case gets closer, the pressure to tell her mum becomes more and more extreme until her mum ends up being told by a total stranger quite by accident. Erianna's mum jumps to the conclusion that Erianna had no intention of telling her and literally shuts down and refuses to speak to her. So when the big day comes Erianna takes the lengthy journey to the red house alone. On the journey as Erianna is going through everything that has happened lately she decides she is no longer Erianna or Eri as her friends and family have previously called her. From now on she is changing, so she is Erianna, and her shortened name will be Anna.
So I don't want to go into detail about the assessments and procedures that Erianna/Anna goes through. I'll just say those other teens being assessed who have siblings that have told them about the procedures are surprised by some of the things they have to endure. It seem's tests and procedures have changed somewhat this year.
The government is hiding the real state of the country, the poverty, the fact no one ever goes up a level in their jobs anymore as there's no room for them. Those in government fix things so that they remain in power but they have to introduce some pretty drastic measures to try and sort out the finances of the country before the "workers" truly find out. That's where the "rebels" come in, they know the truth and are fighting for a free country one where you can progress etc.
Erianna comes across these rebels quite by accident . . . or is it? Does she know any of the rebels? Does she know the leader? So many questions for the book to answer.
Then when you get t the end of the book you have so many questions for the next book.
I love Emi Gayle's style, and pace of writing, it seriously makes her books an easy pleasurable experience to enjoy and savor all at once. I wanted to know more and more so read quicker but at the same time I wanted to slow down and really treasure the book too.
So did I enjoy the book? I truly loved it! Would I recommend the book? Yes definitely, I want to shout out how much I loved this book from the rooftops.  Would I want to read another book in this series? Yes please as soon as it's available, I am seriously looking forward to reading more of this series. Would I read other books/series by this Author? Yes, in fact I have read Emi Gayle's book After Dark, The 19th Year Series and enjoyed that which is totally different in genre to Perry Road.


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