Wednesday 4 September 2013



Can you share a short history/bio on each of the main characters?

I didn't realize how tough character bios were until I sat down trying to come up with something from scratch, so here's a glimpse at four of my main characters, Twitter-bio style!

Chloe - Branson sister. Album artist for Spaceships Around Saturn. Saturnite. Bleeds butterflies. Noah's BFF. Milo's girl. Sebastian's Shadow fan!

Milo - The only SAS guy with any sense! Canadian boy, guitarist… Give me milk & Oreos. Simple enough, right?

Emery - Number one Saturnite. @Benji_Baccarini’s BFF. Branson sister. Likes to color, swim, and sing SAS karaoke.

Noah - I sing in Spaceships Around Saturn! Also - Canadian, drummer, 19, lover of strawberry milk, has tendency to end up in swimming pools (not always by choice).


Can you share your idea of the perfect soundtrack to ‘American Girl on Saturn’ with us?

This was the soundtrack I created before I actually wrote the book. For the most part, it’s in order of how the storyline played out.

God Must Hate Me by Simple Plan
Hey You by Miranda Cosgrove
Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
Shut Up by Simple Plan
Take Me Home by Boys Like Girls
Chemicals Collide by Boys Like Girls (Milo & Chloe’s first kiss!)
Stand Up by One Direction
Rock Me by One Direction
Superstar by Taylor Swift (as much as I didn't want her on this soundtrack, *sigh*)
Untitled by Since Forever
Lightning in a Bottle by The Summer Set
Low by Kelly Clarkson
One More Night by Maroon 5
She's Not Afraid by One Direction
Change My Mind by One Direction
Worth Waiting For by Tyler Kyte
Summer Love by One Direction
Keep You With Me by Hot Chelle Rae

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