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ISBN: 978-1484855768
Publisher:  Self/Indie
Pages/File Size: 174pages/366KB
Formats Available: Paperback, E-book

BLURB from Goodreads
Broke, with a month-old baby, nineteen-year old Tami Urbanek walks away from an abusive marriage only to find herself wallowing in anxiety and confusion, wondering how she will survive. At the time, she had no idea that the journey in front of her would guide her so far away from fear of financial survival and instead would push her into the realm of healing and spirituality. As the daughter of internationally renowned medium, Hossca Harrison, Tami seeks the assistance of her loving parents and a spiritual teacher named Jonah. With their help, she begins to understand herself and her daughter, whose adolescent path of destruction threatens to tear apart their relationship. As Tami's own clairvoyant abilities surface, she is challenged with the task of helping not just her daughter, but the child that her sixteen-year old daughter is carrying: a child whose painful past life still haunts him and which must be resolved before his birth. Told with humor, insight and honesty, Tami's story challenges reader's minds as it touches their hearts, and when the last page is turned, it is a story not easily forgotten.

I have to admit my initial thoughts when I first started reading this book was how my early- life/marriage mirrors what Tami went through, with the exception that my then husband was not a drinker, his temper and actions were done stone cold sober. I even suffered an miscarriage early on in my marriage that was a boy and went on to have a girl later into the marriage.

I received a free E-Copy of this book directly from Tami Urbanek, the author in exchange for my honest review. The cover features a little boy whom I'd say is who the book is named after Conor. I really like the cover, it is such a cute picture of Conor.
So would the cover make me pick up the book from a book store shelf? Yes, 
The book covers Tami's early, young marriage to Nyle. After suffering a miscarriage, Tami goes on to having a baby girl whom she calls Bethany. Tami's marriage with Nyle sounds awful, the fact she is literally treading on egg shells around him not knowing what sort of mood he will be in. Then there's the money he takes that should be for food or rent. It make take Tami a little while but she finally gets out of the relationship, at least on her own she knows when she puts money away for the rent that it will still be there when she needs it to pay the rent.
Unfortunately Tami like many women in her situation seems to attract the "wrong type of guy" but each time she does she finally realises and gets out of the relationship. Tami learns to be self reliant and goes on to get a great job. None of it comes easy, it is really hard work to get where she has to be and to learn new skills to enable her to obtain a better paying job. Tami always tries to do the best by her young daughter Bethany.
when Tami settles down with her final partner and all seems like it will finally settle down, her daughter starts having behaviour issues. As Tami's parents are mediums too they consult their guardian Jonah for advice how to cope with Bethany. Bethany seems intent on reliving her mothers early life, getting into bad relationships, and becoming pregnant at a young age. Then her baby's soul is troubled and Tami, her husband and Bethany and the extended family have another challenge how to "reach" the boy and teach him he will be loved and wanted. 
I don't want to go into details as they would be spoilers and you should really read this book. It is a rollercoaster tale of a real life women's "life story". There's also a chapter at the end by Bethany which tells us what she has come to realise in life etc.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes, it really was a "different to my usual" read. It was kind of eery how my life reflected Tami's to a point. I also got married in my early twenties, my parents weren't so keen on my partner but they did come around. Then I too became pregnant but miscarried my baby son. Then my marriage went on to become violent. The difference was my husband didn't drink he just had awful moods and an horrendous temper. It's strange how our lives can mirror others.Would I read more by Tami  Urbanek? Perhaps if she did a book about her medium work with clients and their stories I think I would. Would I read other books of this type? Yes I actually have one or two in my to read and review list. Would I recommend the book? Yes I have recommended it to my mum and her review is below.

Once again Sandra received an e-copy of this book directly from the author and I did feel interested in it from the blurb she read out to me. Then when Sandra read it she said she had enjoyed it and I decided to give it a go. I did like the book but not as much as Sandra did. If felt the pace slowed down a little too much for me in certain parts. I also found the talking to the soul of the baby that her daughter Bethany was carrying harder to read and take in and understand. I can empathise with the violence in the marriage as I experienced this also. I can also understand the feelings of knowing that your daughter is making a mistake in the guy she is choosing to spend her life with.  I do find mediums and the stories of their lives interesting, I've read quite a few, for example Sally Morgan and Colin Fry and loved those but I don't know how to explain it I just didn't fully "click" with this book. I think maybe I had thought the book would have had more of Tami's meduimship work with her clients in too.
So overall what did I think? It was a good read, and even though I didn't think it amazing I still enjoyed it enough that I gave it 5/5 on Goodreads.

Tami Urbanek is making an Author Appearance and will be signing books at Serrano Coffee and Cafe, 625 Hwy 105, Monument, CO, US on September 28th, 2013 between 11am and 1pm, why not drop by purchase the book and have Tami sign it for you!

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