Thursday 12 November 2015


Title: Meditations Through Coloring
Author/Publisher: River Grove Books
Release Date: 19th October 2015

BLURB from Goodreads
Meditation is a stress-reduction technique implemented the world over. Although the techniques vary, people from across the globe embrace meditation as an essential part of their daily practice. As scientists and psychologists explore this ancient path today, they are discovering alternatives to traditional meditation. One of these is coloring. Coloring is a low-stress activity that invokes deep focus and relaxation. The act of coloring can unlock hidden creative potential while alleviating stress by allowing the practitioner to concentrate on specific patterns and colors while letting go of any worries and concerns. This volume showcases images inspired by the ancient art form of henna tattoos, known as mehndi. Throughout the world, mehndi is incorporated into special celebrations and rites of passage, ranging from weddings to childbirth. Experienced meditation practitioners and general readers alike will enjoy Meditations through Coloring as they explore intricate patterns and the calming interaction of color and space on every page.


I was interested to see what the designs/images in the book would be like. I was also looking forward to reading more about the meditative qualities of colouring too.

I received an e-copy of this colouring book from Netgalley. Of course I am not actually able to colour the images as I am just viewing this book on my tablet/kindle. I have entered the draw to receive an actual physical copy of this one too.
The cover of the book features intricate layers of patterns some coloured and some not yet coloured in,. The other item on the cover and of course, essential for colouring, are some pencils. Would the cover make me pick this one up from the bookstore shelf? Looking at the types of layered patterns would make me want to pick up the book and flick through it to see the other illustrations inside it that need to be coloured in.
The book begins by telling us a little about meditation, and the fact that the practice of meditation dates as far back as the Bronze Age!  This fact is backed up by cave paintings that have been discovered which picture people seated in a meditation pose with closed eyes and raised palms. The art of Meditation is also mentioned in texts from 3,000 years ago. Today's scientists are finding alternative ways to meditate, which is where colouring comes in, due to the level of concentration and focus you need to do the task it is also a form of meditation too.
I really adored all the historical information about the designs as well as reading about the scientific side of why colouring can also be used as meditation.
The images in this book are inspired by mehndi, which is the ancient art of henna tattoo's. I have personally seen some beautiful Indian henna tattoo's on a friend and her family and they are so intricate, delicate and awe-inspiring. So I had high expectations for the designs in this book. I have to say there are some fantastic designs to colour from mandala's and flowers to lotus blossom, elephants and peacocks. I really loved the first elephant featured in this book. I also liked the peacock one's too. There were also some very pretty and delicate edging corner style ones. The book also features lot's more designs too such as more mandala's, pieces of arty tattoo's and hands with designs drawn on them to colour.
To say I would love my own physical copy of this colouring book is somewhat of an understatement! I know I would enjoy every minute of colouring this book. I could certainly use some help with relaxing and meditating due to my health issues and think I would find this book and the activity of colouring very therapeutic.  I think I would find colouring these beautiful, intricately detailed designs great distraction technique from my pain, and from things I cannot do as well as finding the actual act of colouring relaxing. 
This may sound a little silly but I became so excited about the gorgeous designs I was seeing on my tablet/kindle I felt a little disappointed I didn't get the chance to colour them in.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes, I loved reading about the history of both the designs and meditation. Would I want my own copy of the book? I'd love my own copy of this to colour at my leisure. I'd also be interested in buying a copy of this book for my daughter, I'm sure she would enjoy the intricate patterns and designs, as a nail technician she does a lot of freehand, nail art intricate designs and patterns too. Would I recommend the book? Definitely from what I could see on my tablet/kindle the designs look amazing. Would I be interested in more colouring books? Yes, you will be seeing some other colouring books featured and reviewed on my blog in the future. Would I be interested in learning more about Meditation? Definitely, I am certainly interested in the art of meditation and learning if it could help me with my health issues and pain in anyway.

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