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Title: Exile: Beyond The Thaw
Series: The Thaw Chronicles
Authors: Tamar Sloan & Heidi Catherine
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Climate Change
Release Date: 11th December 2020

BLURB from Goodreads
Only the chosen shall seek.

Sam, Hawk, Luca and Mercy.

Four teens no longer sure what they’re seeking. Four teens no longer sure whether it can be found.

They were supposed to be building a new world. One where the Earth is respected as much as the people who depend on it for survival. One where the benefits of Askala could be shared by all.

Except instead of bringing people together, Sam, Hawk, Luca and Mercy are more divided than ever. Sam has returned to Askala, learning exactly how vulnerable her home is. Hawk is trapped, forced to fight for his life to save those around him. Luca has returned to the Outlands to right his wrongs. Mercy is determined to find out the truth at any cost.

In the struggle to repair the world from the ravages of global warming, the fight to reunite is going to be their greatest battle yet. Because no matter where they are, treachery is far closer than they ever realized.

Living has never been more deadly.


The series cover theme continues with this book, having a bird on it. I really like how all the books set in and around the world of Askala and its people all have a common denominator on the covers tying them together. I bet they will look amazing on a book shelf together. I’d love to see them all standing on a book store shelf….though I would be grabbing people and telling them to go look at these great books lol!

Our main characters are separated in this book. So, I will reveal just a little about the different situations my favourite characters find themselves in.

Sam has lied to the love of her life, Hawk in order to spare him having to choose between her and his want and need to be a Seeker. Sam has returned to Askala to be with her seriously ill younger brother Seb. I know we haven’t had lots of information on him but I think he is a character you cannot help but fall in love with. It’s clear that Sam is very close to her brother. Sam is using all her book knowledge on herbal remedies to try to make her brother well again. When its clear he doesn’t seem to be improving she tries to make different things to cajole him to eat and drink more. Though Sam discovers that Charity, (Grace’s daughter from the Newlands) has become close to her brother and also seems to be trying to tempt Seb with Newlands recipe broths too. Sam also discovers that Charity seems “off”, and somewhat secretive but puts it down to being still fairly new to Askala and her maybe struggling to fit in. Then when other Askalan’s begin to fall ill, and Sam stumbles upon Charity in the woods she has to wonder if this mystery illness is part of the Outlander/Newlander plan to take over Askala.

Luca has also left the Newlands but he is heading to the Outlands to catch up with Vitron and Gunnar as they are forming an army to take over Askala. Luca has a surprise when he finds two stowaways on his boat, Mercy and youngster Tarquin. Both the females refuse Luca’s strong request for him to return them to the Newlands so he has little choice but to take them along with them. Luca is very much an alpha male and thinks it is his job to protect Mercy & Tarquin. It is important that Luca kill Vitron & Gunnar as they know he is the mysterious saviour and protector “the falcon”. However, both Mercy & Tarquin are determined to help and in fact at one point, Mercy & Tarquin end up rescuing Luca. We meet more characters that live in Fairbanks and learn a little about their stories and lives.

Those left behind that remain to try to continue with the Seekers jobs are Hawk and Gust. We really do get to see a softer, more caring side to Gust in this book. The way Gust tries his best to take care of Hawk as he recovers from his beating. Then when the time to stand their ground against the Newlanders approaches, he makes it clear he will stand by the side of Hawk no matter what it may cost him. Of course, Hawk is missing Sam, at first believing what she told him about not having romantic feelings for him and then after talking to Gust realising why she said what she did to him. Sadly, things for the two remaining Seekers go from bad to worse, and they soon decide they need to leave and head back home to Askala.

There is so much going on in this series, there are so many facets of this world being slowly unfolded, and so many others being hinted at. This series has already given us the fantastic story of Askala and how it has grown. Then the Outlanders posing a threat to the original Askala, which then evolves. Next is the discovery of Newlands that Wren and Hawk visit, and the idea and choosing of the Seekers whose job it is to spread the word of peace, harmony and living with the world regenerating rather than continuing to kill off the land and future possibilities. The Authors have seriously thought out this world they created and worked outwards from it extending both its history and its different societies within it’s current worlds. I really enjoyed more of the spotlight being turned onto the women in the books too.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing this book were that there were so many twists, turns, shocks, and even more in this one! Wow! I didn't see that coming! Lots of situations where the female characters show they are just as strong if not stronger that the men in Askala, the Outlands, Fairbanks and the Newlands.

To sum up, another great book in the fantastic Thaw Chronicles. I am seriously looking forward to the next book in this part of the series and anything else set in this world by Tamar & Heidi too!!

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