Saturday 23 January 2016


Title: The Gift Wrapping Book
Sub Title: Over 150 Idea's For All Occasions
Author: Caroline Birkett
Genre: Non-Fiction, Crafts, Art
Publisher: Dover Publications
Release Date: 21st October 2015

BLURB from Goodreads
This book provides readers with hundreds of inspirational ideas and techniques that ensure their wrappings are as special as the gifts inside. Detailed instructions show how to make individual boxes and bags to accommodate awkward shapes, plus solutions galore for tricky wrapping problems.Readers will also find advice and suggestions for perfect finishing touches, from tags and tassels to paper flowers.Step-by-step photography ensures every project is easy to follow, with gorgeous pictures of the finished wrapping.


So like most people (if they're being 100% honest) I believe we can all use a little help with how to wrap gifts, especially if they are an awkward size, or shape! So I was looking forward to reading this one. I did actually read it when I was about half way through my Christmas Gift wrapping, I just didn't have time to write the review until now.

I received a free e-copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. The cover features some brightly, beautifully wrapped gifts. . . just waiting to be handed out to the recipients! So I was eager to learn how I could make my gifts look as good as the ones on the cover. 
So would the cover make me pick this book up from the shelf? Yes, it would, the gifts on the cover are rather impressively wrapped.
There are quite a few pictures within the book, as well as small boxes with extra tips within them. There are also some "How To Do" photographs that walk you through the whole process step by step.
I love an attractively wrapped gift with perhaps a striking bow or other ornamentation on it too. I readily admit to getting all tangled and usually stuck up with the tape when I am wrapping and as for putting ribbons and fancy bows on, I've normally had enough of the whole wrapping process by the time the last piece of tape has finally been wrestled into place!
I found the book quite inspirational and I enjoyed the step by step photographs showing how to do things. Maybe it's because I was reviewing an e-copy but I feel I must say I was disappointed by how the book appeared on my tablet and kindle. Having pointed that out I think having the paperback would obviously solve this problem! I think it is a book you would probably purchase for yourself though I'm not sure I would pay very expensive for such a book myself, though I think if you want really prettily wrapped gifts you would probably find the book a useful book to keep going back to, especially for a gift that was an awkward shape!
Did I enjoy the book? It was informative, just not as much as I had hoped, and in my opinion the formatting of the e-copy seriously let the book down and spoilt the experience for me.
Would I recommend the book? I would yes, but to be bought as a physical book!

This book would be a bit of a luxury purchase for me, though it would sit on my book shelves and probably be referred to regularly. Includes how to make pretty bows from ribbons or paper. Plenty of step by step pics to follow, good job as very little text descriptions. Some useful parts in Tips sections. Sadly format was pretty poor as I attempted to read via kindle app on my tablet. This would probably work much better as a glossy paperback!

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  1. It sounds interesting. It's never the same reading books like this one on a tablet...