Friday 15 November 2019


Title: Curse Breaker
Series: Mackenzie Grey: Trials
Author: Karina Espinosa
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Shifter
Release Date: 17th August 2019

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One Vampire. One cure.

To save her life, Mackenzie had no choice but to turn Amy into a vampire. Wrought with guilt over it, Kenz searched throughout the supernatural world and found the impossible—a cure to vampirism.
Now, led by the villainous Elders, members of the vampire community are creeping from the shadows, united by their determination to claim the elusive cure. As the future Queen of the Lycans, Kenz finds herself tangled in the web of an impending uprising and left with only one choice... run.

Can Kenz return Amy’s mortality? Or will she lose her best friend to the crushing Nosferatu curse?


As soon as I knew this book was coming out I knew there was no if and when I would read it. It was a case of I am reading as soon as I can my hands on the book. That’s what I did, though I didn’t expect to go get cosy in bed and read the book from the first word to the very last all in one go! I adore the cover of Curse Breaker, its bright, it has Kenz on it, what more could you want! It will stand out on a book shelf and its cohesive enough to be instantly recognisable as part of the whole of the Mackenzie Grey books series.

So, in this book it seems like Amy has made her decision on whether to take the vampirism cure or not. However, things aren’t as straight forward as that, they never are for Kenz, and Amy. Mackenzie finds out at the last minute that there is going to be a meeting and the vampire elders will be there. Naturally Mackenzie demands she attends to protect her friend Amy.
Things go bad, the elders do not make the right choice in Mackenzie’s opinion. When things go wrong around Mackenzie and they affect someone who she loves she acts first and thinks about the consequences later.

And wow, there are super serious consequences this time. With everyone she normally has to help her actually hunting her who can she turn to? Bash? Well no because Mackenzie feels she has brought enough trouble to him and his pack. Charles Cadwell already hates her, one more thing may make him turn on Bash and take away the Brooklyn Pack. As Bash and the Brooklyn Pack are temporarily staying at the Cadwell estate due to things that happened in the last book, Mackenzie puts the love of her life out of bounds for help. Though she does ask for help from one member of the Brooklyn Pack who she trusts with Amy’s life and her own. Mackenzie also finds herself reaching out to the one warlock no one wants to owe a favour to.

Favourite, loved main characters are of course Mackenzie, Bash, Amy, Jackson. Other characters I loved in this book despite certain actions they had to take were Lucian, and Bobby Wu. I also enjoyed hating Isaac and the vampire elders. One character that I would put in the “still contemplating” box is Mason Kincade, though I do think we may see more of him in the future.

My immediate reactions upon finishing the book were, wow did I really just read the whole book? And that it was absolutely amazing! Karina Espinosa has created another fantastic adventure for Mackenzie whilst hinting at future possibilities for certain characters too. I certainly wanted even more as I finished this book.

To sum up this book was amazing. As soon as you started reading, you immediately slipped right back into Mackenzie’s mindset and were right alongside of her as her wolf reacted and put her own life in danger once again. I absolutely adored this book and am really looking forward to even more in the future.

Definitely a must read book and series!

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