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Title: Mates
Series: Claws Clause
Author: Jessica Lynch
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Shifters
Release Date: 20th June 2019

BLURB from Goodreads
Paranormals exist.

When the community finally came forward, finally announced that they’d been there all along, it wasn’t exactly a surprise. Centuries of stories, rumors, myths… deep down, humans knew they were out there. But, thanks to the modern era and technology’s rule, paranormals had no choice but to reveal themselves to the rest of the world.

After the shock wore off, the humans reacted. While some were afraid, most accepted that witches, shifters, vampires, and ghosts firmly existed now—and the humans did so because of Ordinance 7304, a set of laws hurriedly put in place that the Paras had to follow. When the alternative was being thrown in a magic-free prison, there really was no choice. And, besides, Paras had lived side by side with humans for years. Now the humans just knew what their neighbors got up to at night.

More than fifty years later, Ordinance 7304—also known as the Claws Clause—keeps the Paras in line, and gives the human population an illusion of safety. And why not? With the power of the entire government behind the laws, even an alpha wolf loses some of his strength.

Because one of the biggies? When a shifter finds his fated mate, it doesn’t matter what his nose—or his body—says. His instincts might scream mine, but that doesn’t mean he can run off with his woman and claim her. To the humans, that’s kidnapping, and it’s a big no-no.

Maddox Wolfe understood that… until the day he stumbled upon Evangeline and knew in an instant that this was the woman he’d spent twenty-six years waiting for. And while his wolf says take her, he knows he can’t woo his mate from inside of the Cage. She’s human, so he has to think like a human. Act like a human. Pretend he’s a human.

That is, if he wants to make her his mate.


I have been searching for some more shifter books. Though I have read some fantastic ones, but I have either finished their series or am waiting for next books to be released. So, I decided a great way to try some new authors and shifter series was to try to find some novellas to read. Mates, the prequel in the Claws Clause Series by Jessica Lynch is the second one I have tried.

In this book it is common knowledge that paranormal people exist, so everyone is aware there are various types of shifters, witches, vampires etc. Though the human races opinion on the paranormal race varies. Some have a live and let live attitude whereas others prefer to have as little to do with the paranormal race as possible.

There have also been specific laws passed regarding shifters, these are covered in the prologue of the book.
Paranormal Unions such as mating’s, claiming’s, bloodling’s and soul mates are giving the same rights as a common law marriage.
In order for any union involving a Paranormal + Paranormal or Paranormal + Human to be recognised it must be formalised by a certificate which is called “Bonding License”.
Any individual regardless of “instincts” due to their race absconds with another person with the aim of forcing the union process will face the charge of kidnapping or assault.
So those are the laws covered, and it does make sense to read about and know these laws before you go on to read more of the book.

The main character is Maddox, he is the son of his pack Alpha and knows the seriousness and forthcoming duties he will have when his father steps down as Pack Alpha. The pack consists of wolf, bear and large cat shifters too. Maddox is single and has not met anyone who has really woken his soul mate bond until he see’s Evangeline Lewis. The minute he even senses her nearby his body reacts! And all rational thought leaves him as he feels the compulsion to see her, talk to her, and hold her. However, when they first set their eyes on each other, it is soon abundantly clear that Evangeline is scared of Maddox.

The novella concentrates on Maddox Wolfe who chooses to hide the fact he is a paranormal and a shifter from the woman he discovers is his soul mate, for fear of her rejecting him straight away. Maddox literally turns into a stalker and would probably have walked straight up to Evangeline’s door and introduced himself, and taken her home with him! However, she had magical wards in place around her home. Naturally Maddox worries that this means Evangeline is against the paranormal race, though to have magical wards in place she must have used the services of a witch.
Maddox retreats to his brother Colt’s house to plan a strategy, though Colt and his ghost friend Dodge do enjoy the both physical and mental discomfort, Maddox finds himself in. Eventually Maddox engineers a situation where he can casually bump into Evangeline and their relationship begins. Just when they seem like everything is working there’s a misunderstanding which results in Evangeline thinking that Maddox just wants a fling with her. The relationship isn’t helped by the fact her parents make it quite clear they want a rich human husband for their daughter.

I adored the banter between Colt and Dodge and how they relentlessly tease Maddox about his situation. I look forward to reading more about all the characters in this book, especially after the twist near the end. I really didn’t see that coming at all. I really liked that the character of Evangeline stood up for herself and didn’t let herself be swept along with his enthusiasm, but stood her ground for what she wanted from the relationship too. I think she would make a great kick butt female capable of helping him rule the pack when his father Terence steps down. However, there’s a super twist at the end of the book that could mean Terence may need to find an alternative Alpha to his first-born son, Maddox.

This book is quite steamy and has fairly straight forward sexual language and descriptions so I would say it is for a more mature reader, 18+. I wouldn’t go so far as to label the book as erotica as I find that off putting, though I don’t mind a little steam if in context and well written.

My immediate thought upon finishing this novella were, Wow the second great shifter novella I have read tonight! This novella could be a fantastic start to a potentially brilliant series!

To sum up I enjoyed reading this novella and felt it was a great introduction to a possibly great series. I wasn’t so sure of the twist happening within the novella and how that will be worked out in the forthcoming books. Having said that I do feel like I want to read the next book in the Claws Clause Series. I do love the series name too, and how it refers to a law stated within the book!

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