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Title: Life After Death Beyond Doubt
Author: Susan Starkey

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There is one universal question to which there seems to be no definitive answer: what happens to us when we die? Many people have their own individual theories; different faiths have different beliefs. The rest of us we can merely shrug and resign ourselves to the fact that we can never know the unknowable. Just a few years ago, Susan Starkey would have felt the same way. But following a move to Spain, a sequence of astonishing events changed her life dramatically, turning her scepticism on its head, especially regarding the question of what happens to us when we die. Starkey is now convinced that there is a life after death; this book reveals her personal experiences and shares the verifiable evidence of her discoveries. In this profound story, Susan Starkey explains how she uncovered the roots to her past life, along with a vast family network that had been lost to her for centuries. She shares her ability to contact the Spirit World through a new-found ability to communicate through automatic writing. Life After Death Beyond Doubt is a remarkable and insightful guide to the afterlife, one which will bring comfort to others who may be searching for the answers that Susan Starkey has been given. Her work may prove beyond doubt that there is an existence after death and that we never truly die.


After leaving the corporate rat race, Susan Starkey moved with her husband to the idyllic countryside of Andalucia Spain where she enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the area, sampling the regions delicacies and on occasion turning her hand to property renovation projects. A previous skeptic, Susan has since embraced Mediumship after a chance invitation to a spiritualist meeting strongly challenged all the beliefs she held and led her on a path of spiritual discovery.


This is a true story of how Susan Starkey receives incontrovertible evidence from her spirit guide, Elephally, that there is “Life After Death Beyond Doubt”.  She describes, in her book, the facts that Elephally gave her about his life on earth.  With her new found ability to communicate with him, through automatic writing, Susan is able to verify Elephally´s origins on a map in Libya and through photographs on the internet.  Elephally also gave Susan details of where she lived a previous life on earth, and through his descriptions she was able to find her home in the mountains near to where she now lives in Andalucia, Spain.  Not only that, Elephally also gave her details of her long lost family, who turned out to be her nearest neighbours.  The following is an extract from her book.

 “I scoured the internet to see if I could find Elephally’s village but to no avail. I therefore decided to purchase a detailed map of Libya and keenly awaited its arrival, so that I could do more research. The map duly arrived in the post and I decided to seek Elephally’s help again through my automatic writing:

Center by water. The place is Imbari and the village is Assuma, Awbari, Awbari. Yes that is it. This is the place where I lived. You must look further and find out more. I am very pleased. I said you must look at a map and that you would find the place. I am very excited.

Now you must find the hut in the mountains with the goats and the young boy. You have seen in your mind’s eye a vision of the hut. It is high in the mountains. There is no one living there now. Take the path to the left and then to the right and carry on upwards to the sky. There is only a narrow pathway. When you get there you must pray for lives of your friends and yourself. This is your destiny and you are doing well. Keep looking and you will find. 

Looking at the map, I felt goose bumps on my skin as there is an area to the South of Libya called Idehan of Ubari where there is a village, Awbari (Obari). This was incredible and proof to me of Elephally’s authenticity.

I also subsequently found photographs on the internet of the Ubari Lakes (Awbari), exactly matching Elephally´s description of where he lived.”

Susan's book is aimed at anyone who has asked the question: what happens to us when we die?  She believes that this book proves that there is an existence beyond the grave, where people will be cared for with love and kindness.  This book is aimed at bringing comfort to those who are facing death themselves or who are close to friends and family who are about to pass over.

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