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THE STRENGTH OF LOVE by G.L. Ross is a tale of love, loss, and second chances. This inspiring love story shares how several men influenced one woman’s life and showered her with love in different ways. Experience love, friendship, faith, suspense, tragedy, humor, and a supernatural element...always and forever. Readers who enjoyed THE BEST OF ME by Nicholas Sparks will be drawn in and left breathless by The Strength of Love.

Title: The Strength of Love
Author: G.L. Ross
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Indie Published
Release Date: December 14th 2015

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Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride, Rachel Thompson is ready to give up on love, before rodeo cowboy Brooks Reynolds rides into the arena and lassos her heart. His smoldering looks and strong yet tender nature sweep her off her feet. Life is pinch-worthy and picture-book perfect, except on the eve of her wedding Rachel’s love story is ripped from the pages. After two months of grieving, she discovers her nightmare is never-ending. In order to escape her heartbreaking past, the middle-school counselor relocates to a new city for a fresh start and a second chance at happiness and perhaps even love. Through her faith and the support of her family and friends she discovers sought after answers during an unexpected journey.


A middle-aged woman in a plaid western shirt greets Courtney as the ladies enter the arena main entrance. “Hey, Courtney,” she squeals. “That cute guy of yours is looking for you.”
“Already?” The swift scent of manure wafts through the air mixed with the aromatic smell of popcorn and nachos.
“I wouldn’t be complaining, my dear. He can want me any day, any hour.”
Rachel’s eyes shoot through the concrete arena hallways. People of all ages stand in line for refreshments before filtering into the arena stands.
“Marjorie, really now? Don’t be trying to steal my man. I may be short, but I can whoop ass with the best.” The ladies laugh as Marjorie stamps their hands with a red ink bucking horse. Rachel blows on her hand trying to dry the ink before it gets all over her cream sweater.
They head toward the tunnel, until Courtney is lifted into the air by a man built for a Wrangler’s advertisement. “There’s my woman,” Sam howls, in a very deep, southern twang.
Courtney giggles and blushes like a teen-age girl, at the roller rink, on a Friday night. “Sam, what on earth are you doing?” She radiates love and lust as she admires her muscular man.
“I need a good luck kiss from my main squeeze,” he says while squeezing her cantaloupe shaped butt cheeks.
“Sam, please.” Courtney is bathed in his musky cologne.
“Please what, baby? I will do anything you wish,” he states, with such heated sexual intensity Rachel has to fan herself.
“Sam. People are looking.”
Sam locks lips with Courtney. The magnitude of the kiss is off the Richter scale. Even with folks watching, Sam presses Courtney’s petite frame tightly against his rock solid physique. Anyone within the arena feels the dynamic exuding between the lovers. Sam stands up straight, with a smile on his face, as Courtney remains limp in his arms, breathing deeply, with lipstick smeared across her chin and cheeks. “Now I can go win a trophy. I love you, baby girl.”
Sam holds on to Courtney’s arms until she re-gathers her composure. Breathlessly she mutters, “You go get’em, baby. I love you, too.”
Sam plants a kiss on her cheek and releases a loud whoop, before running back to the stables.
“That is one fine looking, love struck man you have my dear friend,” Rachel states while purposely fanning herself.
Smiling ear to ear, Courtney digs in her purse for her candy apple lipstick. “I am blessed and he is crazy about me, isn’t he?”

G.L. Ross is the author of the Flyboy Trilogy and the soon to be released contemporary/inspirational romance, "The Strength of Love." To learn more about her, visit her via website, Facebook, or Twitter. She loves to hear from her fans. Also, join her street team, The Flygirls. To join, find the link on her website.

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