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Title: A Hint Of Delirium
Series: Fated Fae Elementals
Author: Karina Espinosa
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Fae
Release Date: 12th August 2022

BLURB from Goodreads
How does one certifiable human survive the Fae?
One dose at a time.

My name is Violet, and I am crazy.

Schizophrenic, to be exact. I see creatures no one else does. Even with medication, there’s no escaping the insanity, so I lie and say I don’t see them.
Until one night, my hot-as-sin customer is one of these said creatures and tries to skip on the bill. Instead of being a hero for stopping a crime, I get fired.
I should’ve kept my mouth shut because now my customer is stalking me. I should’ve called the cops, except he tells me the one thing I’m desperate to hear—you’re not crazy.
Ansel, a Seelie High Fae, says I can see the world no other human can. The more I learn about the Fae, the more questions pile up. Even more troubling is when I catch the attention of the Unseelie, the vicious and ruthless court, and they want me.

Trapped, desperate, and scared, if I am to survive this world, I’ll need to find out the truth about myself, and gather allies in the least likely of places.

The question is: can I trust any of this, or is this another hint of delirium?

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I'll be totally honest, I don't usually read and enjoy the fae genre but having read and adored other books by Karina Espinosa I knew I had to give this new series a go. It started fairly slow and built up the suspense a little at a time. This first book in the introduced some interesting main characters, as well as setting the scene for the future of the series.

This first book in the Fated Fae Elementals didn't disappoint. Its a really great start to another potentially amazing series by Karina Espinosa. It's not just fae there is also the elemental twist, with some added romance with whats shaping up to be an amazing love triangle in the making.

Well, I already adore Violet, and seelie brothers Ansel & Alec. The 'good' seelie being Ansel, serving the Seelie Queen......Alec the 'bad' unseelie brother serving the Unseelie King.

I really love the world building & thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, definitely had me groaning at the cliff hanger ending though! Certainly eagerly awaiting more!!! So much potential as to what could happen, & we haven't heard the 'love story' that occurred between Vi's mum & dad yet, which I am "on the edge of my seat" waiting for it to be revealed. I already adore the relationship between the three ain characters and am sure there are going to be a big debates on who Violet should ultimately choose to be with. There is certainly two fantastic male characters that fit the "book boyfriend" labelling well. Which would I choose for Violet? Which would I choose for myself? Well, I really just couldn't say right now! I need to read more. I already love both male characters, fairly equally right now.

I am also enjoying the sections on the different Fae and learning who is Seelie & Unseelie, Who is light/good & who is dark/bad? I think the lines of good & bad are already blurred everything is hanging in the balance surrounded by shades of grey. I am eagerly waiting to see how Violet will ultimately use her powers, shes a strong female lead character and I can't imagine her allowing herself to be used by anyone be they "good" or "evil." Violet has a mind of her own and I don't think she is afraid of standing up for herself and putting her own point across either. Let the fireworks commence!


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