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Title: We'll Laugh About This (Someday)
Author: Anna Lind Thomas
Publisher: Nelson Books, Thomas Nelson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Entertainment
Release Date: 14th September 2021

BLURB from Goodreads
A hilarious argument in favor of taking life a smidge less seriously

Popular humor writer Anna Lind Thomas had an epiphany after her essay about a humiliating fart went mega-viral: Everything’s funny . . .eventually. You’ll cry-laugh your way through the many grave offenses she’s endured, like not getting credit for Lady Gaga’s career, an epic financial crisis, and exercising while her children dole out biting critiques about her dimpled thighs.

Anna’s wit, charm, and painful relatability will encourage you to remember that your most humiliating moment may be the best thing to ever happen to you—or at the very least, it’ll make for a really good story.

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I really like the cover of this book. Once you have read the book you realise that it’s a fun representation of the author, and is an apt depiction of women in general trying to do a hundred things at once.

I’ll be totally honest I hadn’t really heard of Anna Lind Thomas before reading this book. I guess some would say well why did I want to read about her and her life? The thing is the book may be about Anna, but, the majority of us will identify with a few or rather quite a lot of the situations she describes. I had fancied reading a non fiction book, and this one has Entertainment listed as a genre too and after reading and loving Tova Leigh’s book, You Did What, I was hoping this one would have some funny stories within it too, and it did. Though all the stories in this book are about incidents that happened to Anna and her family. I easily slipped into the book and really enjoyed the writing style of the book, it really feels like Anna is chatting to you, telling you the stories herself.

I found it both amusing, yet relieving to know that I am not the only person who ends up in fits of giggles at really inopportune, inappropriate moments. A piece of advice when reading the book, be aware it will make you smirk, snicker, giggle and laugh out loud to, so if you’re on public transport be ready for a strange look or two.

I could totally identify with the strong inner need to but the latest technology and items when you have a baby. That overwhelming need that has you crawling out of bed to check your baby is breathing okay at 3am in the morning! I also laughed knowingly at the whole lying about how much something would cost! Not wanting to wear jewellery your other half has given you as you really hate it but at that stage in your relationship you didn’t want or dare to upset his feelings and tell him what you really thought.

I thought this book was a really enjoyable collection of real life stories. It’s written in such a way that you end up feeling that Anna is a good friend and someone you can genuinely identify with, along with recognising and seriously empathising with some of the key events in her life that she share in the book. At first, I had thought these funny stories would be a collection of tales that Anna had gathered from other people as well as her sharing some of her own, but this is all about Anna, her family and things, sometimes unusual things and other times mundane every day things that have happened.

Summing up I really did enjoy this book. It was refreshingly different and I would certainly look at any other book written by this author. 


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