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Title: The Chosen
Series: Knights Academy
Author: Emerald Barnes
Genre: Paranormal, Shapeshifters
Publisher: Clean Reads
Release Date: 19th February 2019

BLURB from Goodreads
Still reeling from her grandmother’s death, Myka William’s has been chosen to rule her pack, but she isn’t sure she wants the job. It comes with an unwanted fiancĂ© and vampires who are still hunting them down. Running away has always been her go-to answer, but Myka’s finally found what she’s been looking for—home. Running is no longer an option. 

As the last female alpha in her pack, Myka isn’t allowed to follow her heart, and she has to fight a battle between her heart and head. Will Myka be able to have the happy ending she so desperately wants? 

Along with help from vampires, hybrids, and werewolves she can trust, Myka must learn how to find a way out of her engagement, get the pack to take her seriously, and save her pack from the vicious vampires who want to use them for unspeakable things. 


So far, I have absolutely loved the Knights Academy series, so I knew I had to read this instalment too! The cover is gorgeous and the female on the front does fit the image of Myka that the book gives you when reading it.

This book picks up with a still devastated Myka. Just when she has found Francis, her grandmother the She-Wolf leader of the pack that Myka should have grown up in and known all her life her grandmother is killed by Preston the vampire henchman of Marcus Knight. Marcus, headmaster of the Knight Academy is still after her and other female werewolves of the pack to make a hybrids. They are quite literally sat waiting for him to attack them again. Another problem Myka is facing is the fact she is expected to marry the male werewolf born with the alpha mark, Colin. Myka is basically “going through the motions” in that she has to appear to agree but she knows in her heart will always belong to Brent, her beta in the pack. The vampires are helping the wolves out with security. In fact, Myka has her own personal guard throughout the book consisting of, one werewolf and one vampire. Dragon insists it is the best way to protect the Princess.

There are some amazing emotional sections in this book, between Brent and Myka trying to be together at every opportunity. Brent is the support that Myka needs to get her through mourning the loss of her grandmother.
There are quite a few heart to hearts and poignant moments between Myka and Anna. Anna was both good friend and maid to Francis, so is now the maid looking after Myka.

We don’t see or hear as much about Olivia and Luka in this book, but they are still about and there when Myka needs them.
Milo seems to finally getting over the fact he and Myka are not together, nor will they be. In fact, Milo seems to be ready to move on when his attention is caught by one of the female wolves.

It turns out that Dragon and Brent are right to be on edge and guarding Myka from everyone, when someone in her inner circle attempts to betray her and give her to Marcus Knight and his followers.

Another character that has made it on to my favourites list in this series is Sunni, a young werewolf with a secret who approaches Myka with it, scared if it gets out, she could be made to leave the pack and her aunt. Of course, I still love, Myka, and Olivia, along with the brilliant book boyfriend options of Brent, Milo, Luka and Dragon!

Also mentioned in this book is that more vampires and werewolves are needed to fight against Marcus. Dragon briefly leaves his position as guard to go ask more vampires to join them. Though Dragon never lets Myka down and when she is grave danger he has already anticipated an attack and soon has the situation under control.

I really don’t want to say much more about this book as it’s brilliant and I really do not want to give spoilers. I can honestly say you will not be disappointed by this book.

To sum up, what more can I say I totally adore this series!
When can we have more??

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