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Title: Chaotic World
Series: EMP Aftermath
Author: Grace Hamilton
Genre: Sci-Fi, Post Apocalyptic
Release Date: 10th August 2022

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Society falls. Anarchy rises. Courage endures…

Laurel survived the collapse of civilization. In the aftermath of a devastating EMP disaster, she fought to turn Minneha Hospital into a place of refuge. Now, the hospital has become a beacon of hope—but a beacon can attract predators, too.

Predators like Arlo, the brutal leader of a ruthless gang. Desperate to save his dying son, Arlo takes over the hospital and gives Laurel an impossible ultimatum: save his terminally ill boy… Or watch everyone she cares for die.

Meanwhile, Laurel’s husband Bear continues his trek across Minnesota, alone save for an orphaned boy he found along the way, and Bear’s loyal dog, Jessamine.
Teaming up with fellow survivors can come with betrayal and almost get you killed. Bear learned that the hard way, as the remnants of society turn to violence and bloodshed in a savage fight for survival.

Bear can take care of himself—but it’s cold, and it’s getting colder, and he has both Trent and Jess to protect, which is hard to do when you’ve been wounded. If he wants to reach Laurel before winter hits, he’ll have to do the unthinkable.

He’ll have to trust someone… 

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Wow, so many threads and multiple levels to the plot, great characters. Enemies become friends when faced with a mutual enemy. Just when you think things are looking up for Laurel she is trapped at the hospital. Just when you think South Minneha Hospital is free from violence someone is plotting revenge again

Love the two different multi level stories running alongside each other Bear and his journey and Laurel and her single mindeness to help two young boys with cancer and of course her own mother too. I also really enjoyed the intricate plot lines that run and eventually intertwine through both Bear and Laurels lives. 

I am instantly reimmersed in this society when I start reading all the way through to the end f the book. I am seriously looking forward to reading more.

Characters I adore are of course Laurel, Bear, Trent and Deb. I am absolutely besotted with the character of Bear's dog Jessamine, recklessly brave when it comes to protecting those she loves, a "hearing" dog and therapy dog for Bear and then for others at South Minneha Hospital.

The books in this series so far have been packed with action, and lots of things happening in preparation for future battles and issues. Definitely recommend reading. 


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