Tuesday, 28 March 2017


TITLE: Blue Moon 
SERIES: The Holloway Pack
AUTHOR: J.A. Belfield
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
RELEASE DATE: 9:27:2016

Someone is watching the Holloway Pack ... and this time, the female isn't the target.

Life with a group of seven male werewolves worries Jem Stonehouse not one bit. She is engaged to the Alpha's son, Sean Holloway, after all. So, what has Jem's territorial instincts on high alert?

The pack's latest addition. Both of them.

None of the men think there's a problem with the new girlfriends. Jem's intuition tells her otherwise - that and a nagging suspicion that the new females aren't there to partake.

Jem believes their goal is to take. The question is ... What?

As the eve of the blue moon draws ever closer, Jem's running out of time to find the answer and outwit a thief of the worst possible kind.

A woman who believes she can't lose.



A backward kick of my foot sent the bathroom door swinging, and I’d lifted the hem of my soiled T-shirt before it even slammed shut. Next, off came my jeans—underwear, too. I carried them all like something diseased, opened the bathroom window, and dropped them outside for later disposal.
At feet hitting the stairs, my head tilted.
The steps reached the landing.
I really hoped whoever had come up would head into one of the bedrooms.
One long stride became two. Three.
I spun.
According to Sean, there hadn’t been a lock on the door in years. Four more strides, and I’d be too late.
A fourth step.
Two left.
I dived for the door. As my hand grasped the inner handle, a downward tug from the other side dragged it farther.
As the door burst open, I stumbled back.
Sean barged his way in. An echoing thunk filled the space on the door’s collision with the wall. One final step, and Sean’s fingers folded around my wrist.
His arm snatched back, hauling me upright. I expected him to check me over, ensure he hadn’t hurt me. Instead, his hands gripped my hips.
My body flew through the air, too fast for my mind to register, and my back smacked against the tiled wall.
A small grunt burst out, as Sean’s body crushed mine. He ducked his head to my neck, attached his nose to where my increased pulse pumped the erotic scent to him in waves.
“What the hell did you do?” The nearness of my flesh to his mouth distorted his mumbled words.
“It’s just a perfume. All I need to do is wash it off, and this will stop.”
His eyes bordered on black as he lifted his face and emitted a low growl. “No.” With his hips pinning me, he leaned his shoulders far enough back to tug off his T-shirt.
When he pressed back against my nakedness, my pulse soared. “What you’re feeling right now isn’t real.” I took his face in my hands, lifting it to mine. “It’s a spell, Sean.”
His eyes closed. He swayed. His lids lifted as though in slow motion, and as a smile spread across his lips, my breath caught.
He could not have looked hornier. The steady drum of my heart missed a few beats. With a whispered, “Jem,” his mouth melded to mine.
I shouldn’t have responded, knew I shouldn’t, but couldn’t help myself. Sean’s lazy busses were excellent—his snogs awesome. Notch those up to his lust-induced, frantic, tongue-teasing kisses, and they rocketed way out into orbit. Not to mention his air of frustration with his mussed up hair, his glistening eyes, and I was his.


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