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Title: Here & After: Chronicle One The Star Pendant
Author: Shelton Sinclair
Release Date: 16th December 2014

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Anna looks over her shoulder and sees thousands of fiery orbs falling from the black Texas sky. Her eyes widen. She quickens her tired legs. The pendant cannot save her this time. She has to find cover, or she will be incinerated and everything will be lost. “Mitchell is going to be furious,” she tells herself. “Why didn’t I follow orders?” 

Anna's world changed when her mother, Marjorie, died overseas. Before that, she was like any seventeen-year-old living in San Diego. She played soccer, worked on her tan, and crushed on surfers. 

The day after the funeral, as Anna napped on the long bus ride to Texas, the visage of her mother came to visit. Even though she assumed it was a dream, it felt good to talk, argue, and laugh again, but the conversation turned foreboding. 

“They know about you,” her mother warned. “You are discovered – too soon. You have not been trained. They will try to destroy you.” 

Her mother gave her a gift, saying, “It will protect you on your journeys, and it is the key to your next steps. When you are safe, expose it to starlight. Carry it with you, wear it, but keep it secret.” 

When Anna awoke, her mother was gone, but the gift remained – a beautiful pendant. 

Now, Anna finds herself living in the attic of her estranged relatives’ house, with a wild cousin who is either brave or stupid; falling in love with a handsome “ranch-hand” who kisses like an angel; wearing the Star Pendant, a gift she does not yet understand, and enlisted in a war to save mankind from death – after death. 

Here & After is a modern day mythology that follows Anna Wyatt from San Diego to Texas to Tibet, as she battles ancient forces that seek to consume the essence of human souls. Along the way, she finds forbidden love, uncovers universal mysteries, and teams up with characters who the ancients once labeled as gods.

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  1. Oh this is an Ancient Aliens kinda book. Going to have to grab a copy!