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Title:  Mylea
Author:  Philip C Elrod
Publisher: Self/Indie
Release Date: 15th August 2014

BLURB supplied by the Author
Mylea is the story of a very technologically advanced civilization that faced a deadly peril. Their only hope for a solution to the crisis was a monumental project that ran into an unforeseen problem. Their only hope to solve their problem rests on a single human being, here on Earth.
How can the mission be accomplished with the least possible contact with Earthlings? Can they trust the Earthlings they contact? Can the Earthlings trust them?
This interesting tale involves a unique set of characters, including a young Rhodes Scholar, a mysterious old man, a demanding canine diva and a colossal computer, all of them involved in a game of "who do you trust". The story moves from Washington D.C., to Tokyo, to China, to outer space and then back to Washington D.C. for the grand finale.



Philip C. Elrod was raised in a small town in Alabama. He served two years in the US Army, stationed in Germany and returned to attend college at the University of Florida and Florida Southern College Majoring in Industrial Engineering and Economics. 
Mr. Elrod currently resides in Richardson, Texas, a suburban community of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His interests include astronomy, photography, outdoor cooking and travel, especially RV travel with his wife and pets.

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