Friday, 5 August 2011


Witches of East End ( The Beauchamp Family book 1 ) by Melissa de la Cruz.
The three Beauchamp women live together in Northanmpton on the tip of Long Island. There is Joanna - the mother and her two daughter Freya and Ingrid. They harbour a large secret, as they are all powerful witches banned form using their magic. Joanna can resurrect people from the dead. Ingrid (the bookish daughter) has the ability to predict the future, and weaves knots to help with problems such as infertility among other things. Finally Freya (the wild child daughter) makes charms or potions for almost anything you could imagine needing one for.
For centuries the three women are forced to suppress their magic, then things begin to change around them, whats happening? Should they risk using their magic again, especially after what happened in Salem?

I was really looking forward to reading this book after reading the Blue Blood novels by the same author. In fact as soon as it arrived through the post I began reading it. Freya actually features in one of the Blue Blood books so we do know a little about her prior to this book. It surprised me as it did take some getting in to, though once I did it was a good read. it felt like the beginning to a series of Witch books by the author. There is definitely scope for more to come. The women were all strong characters in their own way. Although as i mentioned before that Freya features in one of the Blue Blood books you really don't need to have read them prior to this book at all.
As I said I did enjoy the book but,it did feel like it was setting the scene for other books to come in the series.It took a while to get into and I admit was slow in parts. having said that I will read the further books in this series.

Available form, £4.33 and £4.39

Melissa De La Cruz is also in the process of writing a Wolf pact Series of books. So some more to look out for!

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