Friday, 5 August 2011


Sleeping with the Fishes by Mary Janice Davidson.
*please not there is a more adult content in this book, so not for young children*
Fred is not an ordinary or typical mermaid, she's not blonde, she's not overly buxom, and she is definitely not perky! Fred can be and usually is really cranky. It doesn't help her mood that her hair is blue!
So where does a mermaid work? Fred volunteer's at the New England Aquarium. That's how Fred learns that there are weird levels of toxins in the sea water. A rather gorgeous marine biologist helps her to investigate the problem. Obviously he doesn't know that Fred is a mermaid......yet. Fred's mer-people ruler the High prince of the Black Sea also wants to help. he too is also ..rather gorgeous too.

I did enjoy this book, it was interesting, kept you hooked and wanting to read on, and at the same time it is funny and witty too. As I have put in the warning there is some content that would not be really appropriate for children or young teens. It has a few sections that are a touch steamy.

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