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Title: Loss
Author: Donna Ashworth
Publisher: Black & White Publishing
Genre: Poetry, Essays & Collections, Health, Mind & Body
Release Date: 4th October 2022

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Amidst an incredible understanding of how it feels to lose the ones we love the most, Donna's writing gives a glimpse of light that can be found within the darkest moments. This collection of grief poetry will bring comfort but also peace, acceptance, and the very important reminder that you are never alone. A must for anyone who has lost someone. Those cast adrift in the lonely sea of grief will find something on every page to cling to, when that water gets too rough. 

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As I have said before when I have reviewed these types of books, I wouldn't say I am a great lover of poetry, in fact I am much nearer the opposite side of the scale. Recently book by book my view has been changing. I can honestly say I truly loved some of the different types of poetry by this author, and in particular the ones in this book. Some are not necessarily poetry as I would imagine it so much but still resonated and felt they belonged in this collection.

If you are organising a funeral service some of these are ideal to be read at those. As I said earlier in my review my mum recently died and we chose a poem my daughter remembered from school called Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden. There were many in this book that I could and would have had.

THE LOSS OF A MOTHER is a really good one and I took a deep breath expecting to really tear up as my own mum died quite recently but it was THE LOSS OF A FATHER that made me the most emotional, the one that had me nodding in agreement with its words and sentiment, especially with the part where your father has already planted the answers you seek etc

GREAT GRIEF is another that I definitely agree with the sentiment & words of 'that great grief is born only of great love' A sentiment recently mentioned in connection to the death of Queen Elizabeth that echoed her words of 'Grief is the price you pay for love' which she said after the death of her own husband.

Other poems I absolutely adored/loved were

I found I really identified with A MOURNING MOTHER, YOU MAY BE GONE, and THAT MOMENT
Having said that I also really liked FEATHERS, ROOTS, and THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LOSS

There was only one poem I felt negativity towards and it was DEATH IS A THIEF I really strongly disliked the reference to death being like a 'cancer' personally I would substitute 'cancer' with 'monster'

Summing up, whether you are a great lover or connoisseur of poetry or a complete novice learning to love poetry you will enjoy this book.

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