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Title: Totally Spooked
Series: A Shifter Speed Dating Romance
Author: Zoey Indiana
Genre: Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: 6th October 2021

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Blindfolded speed dating for shifters, what could go wrong?

I spent years fighting alongside some of the best males I've ever known. One mission went wrong and I watched as my twin brother died in my arms. Now, I've settled into a less dangerous job developing new sonar technology for the military.

My life looks perfect, but I can't get rid of this feeling I'm missing something. My family and friends keep pushing me to date, hoping I'll finally find someone to keep me busy. I don't want Mrs. Right Now… I need my fated mate. My beast drives me to find her, so I keep agreeing to blind dates that end badly.

But when a friend shows up on Halloween with an invite to a shifter speed dating event, I can't pass on this chance to find my fated mate.

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I really fancied a lighter read so when I saw this novella, with its Halloween theme I thought it was perfect timing and I decided to give it a go.

The main character is Felix, is a fox shifter, he has been working alone doing research on his boat the Foxy Lady. Jaden, an old friend who had been in the military with Felix tells him about a Speed Dating event. Felix is reluctant to begin with but allows himself to be coerced into going. Felix has heard all about finding that perfect mate but is not 100% sold on the idea of finding “the one” at such an event.

The event is well organised by human women and there are certain rules in place for the Speed Dating, all the humans there are aware of shifters, which is quite unusual as shifters are not widely known about. The participants also have to wear blindfolds, and have a limited time with each prospective date. Naturally for the protection of both shifter and human there are “bouncers” at the event on hand to intervene should there be any sign of trouble.

Felix meets a woman called Luna who is eager to find her true mate with a shifter as her sister has found hers. In fact, she walked in on her sister and her mate which is how she learnt about the existence of shifters.

This is a quick, quite light read, that has some rather racy, steamy sections, though it does have a plot line and I think as the series goes on it will become more interesting and the plot
will become more apparent and prominent.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing this novella, was that it had felt a little too rushed. I wanted the plot to unfold a little more before the steamy scenes. The novella was a good introduction to the series, that I read in one reading session.

Summing up, I am interested in reading more of this series, in fact I have bought the next novella’s so will definitely be reading more at some point. I find the idea of the Speed Dating for Shifters plot line interesting and hope there will be a bit more background on the individual characters before and after they meet their true mates. The novella just left me wanting more story, more about what the characters had been through. Those parts felt like they had been a little rushed as if to get to the steamy sections.


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