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Title: Monster Island An Inch Of Light
Series: Monster Island
Author: Katie French
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Release Date: 31st January 2017

BLURB from Goodreads
My name is Lucca DiVitas. 
I've been trapped on an island with monsters, and the worst one is a person who plots my death from cameras high in the trees. 
When a helicopter appears in the sky, we fear the worst, but soon realize it's the salvation we've been hoping for. 
Just when I think we're about to escape this insane island, mercenaries shoot us down. 
We survive, but not the pilot or the copter. 
And now the people who tried to kill us are coming. 
Who can save us now?


I hadn't realised this one had actually come out until over a week after its release! Once I found out, I of course had to go purchase it so I could find all those answers to my questions from the other novella's in this series. 

After the ending of Monster Island The Mask, I was eager to find out exactly what had happened as well as it being revealed who had survived, and what state they were in.

The cover continues along with the same theme of the other novella's. This time the letters of the title are in a light green colour. The cover certainly makes the novella instantly recognisable as part of the series.

The genre's that are listed on Goodreads for this novella are Mystery, and Thriller which I think do really fit well. Personally I would also add horror, as there are definitely aspects I would class as that.

So, I am being totally truthful here, this is a really difficult one to review without giving away any spoilers! But I am going to give it a go, apologies for any vagueness. This novella's keeps you glued to it! You will not want to put it down. I didn't. I read it in one sitting, before I had even added the fact I was reading to Goodreads, until I had finished it lol! After all the suspense, building up gradually from Monster Island Taken right up until this novella. 
We find out whose idea it was to kidnap the children and take them to "monster island" and why they did it. I was somewhat shocked as to who had kidnapped Lucca though, I hadn't really contemplated that it could be who it turns out to have done the deed.
The very existence of the Island and what scientific experiments have taken place there is quite shocking! We meet more of the adults in this book, but to be honest I think it is the teenagers all the way through this series that have behaved in a more adult than the actual adult characters themselves.

I'd have to say from the first book Lucca has been the character that has been my favourite! He continues to be a strong character, and still exhibits a fierce protectiveness towards Kat and her younger sister Joslyn whom he has only known since they met on this awful island.
The character that probably shocked me and I would have to say was my least favourite teen character, was Jade. We don't really know why she is like she is towards the other teenagers. Jade is a character that puts herself and her safety first. The reason she was on the Island was not really fully disclosed, neither was her fathers demise, and reasons for it.
The other character that works so well is Vito, Lucca's father. Vito is easily led, in financial trouble so easily blackmailed and made to toe the line by the person controlling the Island and it's horrific experiments. Sadly Lucca learns a lot of un-savoury things about his father, but being the forgiving young man that he is doesn't shun his father when he has the opportunity to do so, even though he continually lets his son down. 

I thinks that's all I can really say about this novella without giving away spoilers. I have enjoyed the series. I wonder is Katie will put the novella's together into a box set maybe. They are definitely worth reading! The ending is good, I'm not sure it was how I saw it all ending. There is also the addition of an Epilogue which was interesting to read, but I also felt I wanted updates on all the teenagers, and the adults that featured too. For me things were not explained enough about Jade. . . mind you could that mean there is more to come? Has the horrifying person at the helm of everything that was happening and being created at the Island really been stopped. . . .could that person have escaped or maybe that person had other colleagues/investors/friends who will want to continue the experiments? 
Having mentioned those question it is also feasible that the book just end with the epilogue which gives the series a fairly good ending.

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