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The international publishing phenomenon and ridiculously funny new parody series that helps grown-ups learn about the world around them using large clear type, simple and easy-to-grasp words, frequent repetition, and thoughtful matching of text with pictures.

Title: Mindfulness
Series: The Fireside Guide To ..... (Ladybird Books For Adults)
Authors: Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris
Genre: Hunour
Publisher: Touchstone
Release Date: 11th October 2016

BLURB from Netgalley
Have you been having trouble with the How, Why, and Wheres? Well fear no more. The Fireside Grown-Up Guide series understands that the world is just as confusing to a forty-year-old as it is to a four-year-old. We’re here to help and break down the most pressing and complex issues of our day into easy-to-digest pieces of information paired with vivid illustrations even a child could understand.

Mindfulness: the skill of thinking you are doing something, when in fact you are doing nothing. In this 
Fireside Grown-Up Guide to Mindfulness
, we’ll meet a blissful cast of characters who’ve learned to free themselves from unnecessary worries like work, friends, and family. When they are fired from their jobs and abandoned by their friends and family, they learn to combat their stress by practicing mindfulness, and teach us a few lessons along the way.

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I truthfully wasn't totally sure this would be as funny a read as the other titles of the series. Will it be an amusing look at mindfulness or could it go too far and just come across as a book poking fun at something still considered by some as "new age" thinking.
I received a free e-arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion/review.
Hmm I suppose a lot of people (me included to be totally honest) will be asking the question of what is mindfulness? Is it meditation? (my first thought at "Mindfulness") Is it just taking some "quiet time" or "me time" for yourself to be alone and relaxing?
The book itself asks this question and the answers . . . . 
"Mindfulness is the skill of thinking you are doing something when you are doing nothing!" 
"One of the best things about mindfulness is that you get to do a lot of sitting down" (If thats the case I need a whole lot of Mindfulness in my life!)
And finally "Sitting down is good for the mind because so much positive energy is stored in the lap" (huh?)
Now that could be taken two ways, either an extremely simplified explanation, or what a "non believer" of Mindfulness would say. It's certainly a thought provoking portrayal of mindfulness.
The main quote that made me smirk and giggle the most in this book was....
'"There is more wisdom in a waterfall than there is in a hundred men",say's Jake. Jake is always saying things like this. His ex-wife's sister call's him Jerk."
These books do make you laugh out loud at times so be ready for some odd looks if you are reading them in a public place. Though I suppose you could say reading them in public and laughing could make these books fantastic conversation starters.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes I enjoyed reading the book.
Would I recommend the book? As a gift book, or even a treat/pick-me-up for yourself when you're feeling a little down in the mouth, the answer is yes!
Would I read another book in this specific series/type? I have already, and I'd love to read more of them.
Would I want to read other titles by Jason Hazeley and/or Joel Morris? I will most definitely taking a look at some of their other books. I have my eye on a few as possible stocking filler presents for Christmas.

Fun read! Would make an equally fun gift too.

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