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The international publishing phenomenon and ridiculously funny new parody series that helps grown-ups learn about the world around them using large clear type, simple and easy-to-grasp words, frequent repetition, and thoughtful matching of text with pictures.

Title: The Mom
Series: The Fireside Guide To ..... (Ladybird Books For Adults)
Authors: Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris
Genre: Humour
Publisher: Touchstone
Release Date: 11th October 2016

BLURB from Netgalley
Have you been having trouble with the How, Why, and Wheres? Well fear no more. The Fireside Grown-Up Guide series understands that the world is just as confusing to a forty-year-old as it is to a four-year-old. We’re here to help and break down the most pressing and complex issues of our day into easy-to-digest pieces of information paired with vivid illustrations even a child could understand.

A mom has two very important jobs: to look after her children and to do everything else well. In this 
Fireside Grown-Up Guide to Mom, we learn about what moms like (making toys out of corks from her many, many wine bottles), what she hates (the sound of her own voice, which now sounds just like her mom’s), what she’s really thinking about when she leaves her children with a babysitter (whether or not the babysitter can handle these little monsters), and many other enlightening facts.

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I instantly liked the look of these little "comedy" style books with their homage to Ladybird's easy reader style Janet and John books. I was anticipating at the very least a wry smile or two. 

I downloaded an e-arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
So as I said in the "Initial Thought's" section above I really like the style of the cover as it really is so reminiscent of the old ladybird books I loved as a child. I know the picture are very "twee" and show the "cookie cutter" ideal of a perfect family. The cover of this book has the Mom and child within a beach setting. The Mom looks to be relaxing in the sun and the child is laid on a beach towel. Probably a more realistic version of the picture if the child has run riot all over the beach and has now been coerced probably by the promise of an ice-cream and the Mom is probably so tired she is more collapsed in a heap on the deckchair than relaxing in it! 
Would the cover make me pick this one up in a book store? I think it would especially if it was displayed in the "humour" or "gift book" section. Before I start with my review I should address the whole "mom" vs "mum" wording. I know in America it is Mom whereas here in the UK we say Mum or Mam even. The book is sooo funny don't let the fact it says "Mom" put you off. If you are anything like me as you read the book you will auto correct it to your version of the word Mother.
So the books introduction says that these books are a way of cutting down our complicated lives and problems into easier bite size chunks. Making the scenario's or problems into easier to digest nuggets. The introduction sums up saying "It's as simple as look and remember" which was the primary thoughts behind the Ladybird Janet & John books.
The book begins by explaining that a Mom has just two very important jobs. . . .I was thinking just two important jobs? Where am I going wrong? Then you read what the two important jobs are. Which are 1. To look after her children . . . and 2. to do everything else as well! That had me both sniggering and chuckling.
The book goes on to inform us that Moms like making toys from corks!? (The corks being left over from all those empty wine bottle Mom  has emptied by drinking all that wine!
I think the dislike is really funny as it is kind of true (if all us Moms are being honest that is) so What do Moms dislike? Moms hates the sound of her own voice! (especially as it sounds more and more like her own Moms every day!)
Then the book goes onto the individual scenario's, for example "a new Mom" which was amusing and I'm sure every newbie Mom has wondered exactly the same. So I guess I should share it with you. The picture accompanying the words is a smiling young woman who is feeding her baby . . .the words with this idyllic picture are , , , 
"Being a new Mom is full of wonder. Sally wonders if her left shoulder will ever stop smelling of puke"
I really did enjoy reading this book, I literally flew through it and it left me wanting even more. I think this book would make a fun gift for a newly pregnant, or new Mom.
My absolute favourite that had my shedding tears of laughter and drifting back within my own mind was . . .
"When she was single, Debbie had nightmares about being left alone and unwanted.
For the last three years, someone has called for her every two minutes and watched her every time she has taken a bath or sat on the toilet.
Debbie now dreams of being left alone and unwanted, even for a few minutes"
I definitely identify with this one. Not only did my daughter as a toddler insist on accompanying me to the toilet, so did my German Sheppard! and it was only a small bathroom!!
I highly recommend this book for Moms new and old, a perfect stocking filler as a Christmas gift, or maybe for Mothers Day. Every Mom should have one!

So did I enjoy the book? Yes I really loved reading the book.
Would I recommend the book? As a gift book, or even a treat/pick-me-up for yourself when you're feeling a little down in the mouth, the answer is yes! I even read bits of this one out to my daughter. (not a mum yet) It had me picturing years ago when she was first born and I was a new Mom! I highly recommend this book for Moms, both new and old, a perfect stocking filler as a Christmas gift, or maybe for Mothers Day. Every Mom should have one!
Would I read another book in this specific series/type? This is the first one of four that I have been given to review and as I adored it I am anticipating great things from the other books too.

Would I want to read other titles by Jason Hazeley and/or Joel Morris? I will most definitely be taking a look at some of their other books. I have my eye on one or two I’d like for my own bookshelf as well as other titles for possible gifts!

A really amusing read. Some of the scenarios had me laughing, others had me reminiscing (mostly fondly reminiscing lol)

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