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Title: Inquisitor
Series: Insurrection Series
Author: Anela Deen
Release Date: 15th July 2016

BLURB from Goodreads
In a not so distant future, an unprepared humanity barely managed to repel the Locusts when they invaded Earth. But the long war left its mark on mankind and the Establishment was founded to ensure it would never come so close to destruction from an alien force again. Now, decades later, the world is run by this single governing entity. Loyalty is rewarded. Disloyalty is met with corrective action. 

Before the war, they called Harlow the Butcher. The Establishment calls him Inquisitor and he’s been handed his most intriguing subject: the Albatross, leader of the insurgency. But strange orders frustrate Harlow’s work. When an unexpected visitor arrives with an interesting proposition, Harlow might have the solution he needs. If not, well, his knives don’t care where the screams come from.


Can't wait to read what happened next, can Ellie help the albatross in any way? Will we discover what happened to Gemson?

The words I kept thinking whilst reading this novella basically consisted of Wow! Oh! Ellie! Nooo! the Albatross cannot die! etc

I received a free e-copy of this novella, directly from the author in exchange for my honest review. The cover is again simplistic, what else can I say really as it's the same as the previous novella cover. At least the covers can be seen as a "matching" set.
So would the cover make me pick this one up from a book store shelf? As I said about the cover of Subversive & Operative I probably not on the cover alone. . .though I reckon I would want to read the blurb after seeing the genre the book would be filed under, so yep I'd pick the book up from a shelf to look at and learn more about it. Also the cover does suit the books genre and I guess maybe the Author will put the novella's together using this cover.
We meet two new characters in this book, Harlow, also known as "the Butcher", and the Captain of the prisoner transport Fallis. This novella begins with Harlow looking at the Albatross strapped and incapacitated on a gurney. Harlow is an evil man who enjoys inflicting pain on people, irregardless of their innocence or guilt. He just enjoys the "art" of using his knives to inflict pain and distress to illicit any information that may be required by his superiors. Fallis has heard about the reputation of Harlow and finds the man disgusting, in fact he cannot wait to get away from this man and his one manned prison/torture cell pod station! Eleanor Argon also known as Regulator E7654 features in this novella too, but we have already met this regulator in the other novella's. 
I don't want to say much more about the novella as it would give away spoilers and I personally think impair your enjoyment of reading the novella yourselves.
This novella like the prior two is well written, has great descriptions in it, that make you visualize the scenes being explained and laid out in front of you by the author. 
I suppose it depends on your point of view when you are reading these novella's as to whether you will be pro-"establishment" or pro-"insurgency. So now I guess I should let you know what I think as this is my review. Well of course I am pro-insurgency. . .and 100% "team Albatross". I think the Albatross is most definitely Book Boyfriend material!
I am looking forward sooo much to reading more of the Insurrection Novella Series. I've signed up to the Authors Newsletter and her ARC reader list and if in the future she happens to create a "street team" I will be volunteering myself for that too!

My thoughts as I finished reading this were "Oh no. . . Ellie!" I am really looking forward to the next novella!


Insurrection Series

Insurrection Series

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