Monday, 6 June 2016


"The innocent never waver from doing what’s right, even if it means drowning the world in fire.”

This above quote is the central theme of Inevitable Ascension. It's a twisted jigsaw puzzle of a story, that's equal parts action, humor and charm. It's got twists that will literally make your brain explode! Actually, not literally. That'd be gross. 
Not sure if this book your cup of tea? Good question. Why not checkout the cover below, and read the blurb too? 

Title: Inevitable Ascension
Author: V.K. McAllister
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: March 2016

BLURB supplied by Author
Violina, a girl polarized by love and loathing, finds herself thrown into a post-apocalyptic world with mankind on the brink of extinction. Discovering the means to travel back in time, she sets out to save the world by preventing the events leading up to the apocalypse. But as her quest advances, she becomes increasingly disgusted by the evil inherent to humanity and seeks lethal justice against all who wrong her—a list that grows exponentially until it encompasses all of mankind.

What was it that gave people the right to live?  Was it simply being born?  No. Everyone is born to no credit of their own. It's the choices people make that determine whether they deserve their lives, and by that standard, everyone Violina knew deserved to die—everyone except for Lux.  

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Read A Sample Chapter HERE

VK is a husband/wife duo with a unique approach to writing. They work simultaneously and in secret before combining what they come up with, resulting in dramatic and unexpected twists! Crazy? Yes, yes it is, but it's effective! They also do their own artwork! Take a look below. . . 

Wow doesn't it look gorgeous! So mystical, serene and enchanting all at the same time!

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