Sunday 25 December 2011


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When Your Life Is Not Your Own
Martyr---otherwise known as Jason 3:3---is one of hundreds of clones kept in a remote facility called Jason Farms. Told that he has been created to save humanity, Martyr has just one wish before he is scheduled to 'expire' in less than a month. To see the sky.
Abby Goyer may have just moved to Alaska, but she has a feeling something strange is going on at the farm where her father works. But even this smart, confident girl could never have imagined what lies beneath a simple barn. Or what would happen when a mysterious boy shows up at her door, asking about the stars.
As the reality of the Jason Experiment comes to light, Martyr is caught between two futures---the one for which he was produced and the one Abby believes God created him to have. Time is running out, and Martyr must decide if a life with Abby is worth leaving everything he's ever known.
I wasn't so sure that I would really enjoy this one, but I honestly did. Its kind of sci-fi advance genetics but also seemed a bit dystopian in style to me too, which was great. There's mystery, nail biting suspense, action and even murder in this book, as well as a little awkward teenage romance. How long did it take me to read this book? Just three sittings, I truly did not want to put it down. I loved the character of the clone J:3:3 or Martyr as his fellow clones call him and the guards nicknamed him. You expect a clone to be robotic, no feelings, and no emotions, but J:3:3 is the opposite he hardly knows Abby but he immediately puts his trust in her, and protects her when needed. J:3:3 could teach some of the scientists in this book a thing or two about being "human". It is at time a complicated plot but it is well explained as you go along. Each "Jason" has his own character and personality traits. The "Jason's" may fight against each other within their restricted environment but can they come together as a team and work together to rescue Abby's father and escape to freedom themselves? Then if they do escape what kind of life or future do they have ahead of them? They have lead a very restricted isolated life. Abby's own relationship with her father has its ups and downs. They are both trying to deal with the loss of Abby's mum in their own ways. Can they even pull together to help the "Jason's"? What does the future hold for them?Could there be a bk 2? Well it would be nice to know more about how the "Jason's" futures play out, or if they can even have something we would call a future? 
This book is due out on 27th December...........a MUST for those wish-lists!

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