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BLURB from Goodreads
Paranormal, time travel novella, a prequel to Only Yesterday. 
Everybody in her family and in the Gulf Coast town of Fairhope views Gilly as a woman whose life is plain and simple, one who has been content to spoil her great-niece Ann while living out her days in Windchime House. Only her best friend Margaret knows the heroic story of Gilly Debeau.
When Ann’s Christmas gift of wind chimes catapults Gilly back in time, she finds herself seated at the café Parisiene, having tea with her Papa and enjoying her eighteenth birthday gift – passage on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. As the string quintet entertains the passengers, Gilly can’t take her eyes off the handsome, talented violinist from West Yorkshire. Under William’s spell, she falls for both the music and the musician. But does an over-protected, unsophisticated girl from Alabama dare defy convention in order to become a woman? And how will she ever explain to Papa that she is planning a future with a man she’s known only three days? 
On April 14, 1912, Gilly is wrenched away from everything and everyone she loves. Can she survive the icy Atlantic? Can William? Can their love survive a lifetime and beyond? 

Gilly tells her niece all about the Debeau curse... The "you know you are truly in love when your toes curl" Gilly's niece wonders how her aunt Gilly would know as she is what some would call an old spinster. Gilly is ill, in fact she is so ill her mind drifts back in time and tells us the story of the man she met and fell madly in love with that made her toes curl!
Gilly had been on the Titanic, the trip had been an eighteenth birthday gift from her father. I don't want to give much away but even though the infamous Molly Brown is trying to match make her with a rather arrogant rich young man. Gilly helps Molly set up a "Christmas party" even though its April! 
Then its the fateful night and the Titanic sinks at 2.20am.
We then come back to the present day and Gilly is in hospital, she talks her niece and best friend Margaret into discharging her from the hospital and taking her down to see her favourite thing one last time, she goes to look out to sea.
I loved this poignant, heartwarming and I have to say heartbreaking at times story. I don't mind admitting that there were tears in my eyes on more than one occasion. I loved the loud opinionated Molly Brown who could do what ever a man could do just as well! I also loved Gilly's heroic attempts and selflessness in helping others as the Titanic went down. I will admit I am always drawn to Titanic related books both fiction and non-fiction but when I chose this book I didn't realise it had a Titanic connection. I chose this to read as it had a Christmas theme within it, however I would say it is a story that could be read at anytime of year. I also loved the book cover it's so elegant and I think it has to be Gilly and maybe its her looking out to see thinking about William, and what could have been. The model on the cover really expresses some of the feelings of the book in her eyes.

At the end of this book there is a sample of Only Yesterday, which I read and yes I also enjoyed that section that I read and I would probably buy that to read too!

Available, £0.00 A total bargain! (price correct when the review was done 25/11/11)

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